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  1. What a great idea! I was diagnosed in Jan, 2008, and I have learned a lot fast.

    Cooking is my hobby, so I have collected a lot of recipes as well as modified old favorites to be gluten free.

    I find that by being careful (very, very careful) I can eat a healthy, fun diet… and this includes earing out, which I do frequently.

    If you are looking for a specific kind of food, ask on this site. I will take it as a challenge to help.

    • Marilyn, I am not a cook and I have to follow a recipe. My 8 year old daughter has celiac and she is tired of eating meat!! Do you have some easy fish recipes (right now I am just shaking some seasoning on the fish and grilling it on the George Forman!!) My husband went fishing in Alaska so we have lots of salmon and halibut but I don’t have a good marinade. Also, if you have any good mexican recipes that you wouldn’t mind sharing, I would really appreciate it!
      Blakely loves fruit so I’ve been making a ton of smoothies. If you have any suggestions of other ways to use fruit, let me know. She likes all fruit. Right now she is hung up on mango and papaya!!!!
      Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!!

  2. So excited about this! I have an 11 year old son with celiac. Diagnosed February 09. Any other parents out there!?

  3. Cindy Shepherd

    My 13 year old son was diagnosed in march 09.

  4. My 18 year old neice was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease. My father’s(her grandfather) family is from Finland and Sweden. I have heard that celiac disease is more common in these countries. My father has had colon ca but was not tested for celiac disease. I am 51 and my sons are 25 and 27. Should we be tested?

  5. Our 3 year old son was diagnosed last month. So glad that there is a site to share information. I have found that fellow celiac families have quickly made themselves experts about the what’s, where’s, and how’s of this disease.

  6. Though you have a family history of celiac disease, your neice who was diagnosed is not a first degree relative. Therefore, your risk is very possibly the same as the general population (about 1 in 100). For first degree relatives (parents, children, siblings), the risk is about 1 in 20.

    If you and your sons are without GI symptoms that could be related to celiac and are without first degree relatives, it is generally not recommended that you undergo routine screening. If you do have symptoms, you likely need to be evaluated with screening bloodwork and possibly an endoscopy evaluation. If you are just curious about your risk, as some people with celiac are completely asymptomatic, you can just start with the bloodwork (celiac serology plus genetics) and go from there.

  7. My 11 year old was just diagnosed with Celiac. I’ve talked to two other moms in the Rankin County area. We’ve thought about starting a support group for this area. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

    • I would love to start a support group and have been looking for other moms. Particulary preteen and young teen moms. I will be glad to do whatever to help get this off the ground!

    • My 8 yr old daughter was recently diagnosed with Celiac and I would love to join a support group. Was a group formed since Amy’s email?

  8. Just FYI- I am in Madison County

    • Sounds Great Stacy, Please e-mail me (amygray33@yahoo.com) your e-mail address and I’ll definitely get in touch with you.

    • My 8 year old daughter was just diagnosed this week and I am in Madison County also. I am interested if you start a support group.

  9. I have been seriously thinking about a support group. Let’s don’t slant it just for a certain age group. I would love to work on starting a group for all, then there can be circles within the larger group that are more interested in certain ages, problems, etc.

    • Sounds good to me Marilyn. My biggest problem is trying to find food my child can eat. So the more people we get involved the more everyone can learn the do’s and don’ts. Please e-mail me at amygray33@yahoo.com

  10. Clinical dietitian Lauren Magee, RD, of the Baptist Nutrition Center, gives practical information about a gluten-free diet on a recent podcast. Click here to listen:


  11. I am a social worker in the jackson area that has a son who was recently diagnosed with celiac two weeks before his third birthday. I am very interested in starting or being a part of a support group. I would love to have a holiday party for celiacs of all ages and only have gluten free foods. Please email me so we can get a support group off the ground.

    • Brandy, please let me know how we can get things started. I’ve been VERY busy lately cooking and getting meals prepared so i haven’t had much time to think about this. Please send me a quick e-mail (amygray33@yahoo.com) and i’ll send you my contact info. The party sounds great!!! We just experienced our first “shower” where they had regular food and i was constantly saying “you can’t eat that” It was very frustrating.

    • I would love to be a part of this group. My son is 6 and has just been diagnosed. Please e-mail me at jettht@comcast.net. Thanks so much.

  12. Just thought I would encourage anyone out there who’s reading this..My boyfriend has been diagnosed for about 15 years and has been symptom free since he follows his diet carefully. We eat out often. Outback Steakhouse has a great brownie/ice cream that is gluten free 🙂 I have Crohn’s disease and wish I could predict what would cause the terrible pain and diarrhea associated with it…Hang in there!!

  13. I also have a best friend with celiac disease and she informed me that Ruby Tuesday has a gluten free menu and I also recommend the book Kids with Celiac Disease A family guide to raising happy, healthy, gluten-Free children by Danna Korn. It is an excellent resource on celiac disease in relation to kids and teenagers. It explains in simple terms what to expect from this disease in relation to your childs behavior etc.

  14. If your child has been newly diagnosed with Celiac I just want you to know it is hard in the begining but the results in my child makes it worth while. My son had stopped growing due to the disease and we went to the md today and we gained 3lbs and have grown 4 inches taller so all your efforts of being gluten free are not in vain. Our children truly wreap the benefits of the diet. Stay encouraged Brandy.

  15. I just had a cocktail party for 25-30 people and I was the only celiac, but since I was cooking, everything was gluten free. No one knew the difference.

    It is “do-able”. I eat out at least 2 or 3 times a week. Usually, there are no problems. You just have to be very clear about what precautions the kitchen needs to take.

    • Trying to start a group email me if you are interested

      • I would be interested. I was part of a wonderful celiac group in Dallas and I think it is so helpful especially for those who are still getting familiar with the disease.

  16. I would also like to be apart of this group, my son is 13. Please email me at littlezman@msn.com

  17. A play date for parents and kids with celiac disease September 19, 2009 @ the park by Maley Swim School @ 3:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come and please bring your children. Just wanted to have a meet and greet. I think it is important for everyone having to deal with cealiac disease not to feel alone.


  18. I have had endoscopy, colonoscopy, capsule endoscopy, biopsy of intestine this summer to find source of anemia and vitamin deficiencies. My grandmother and her father both had colon/stomach cancer. After capsule endoscopy showed swelling in small intestines I was tested for celiac. I do have genetic marker for celiac but not antibodies. My GI didn’t think it was necessary to do gluten free but I’m wondering if I will feel better and absorb nutrients if I do. Could I have gotten a false negative on the antibody sereology labwork? Would welcome your thoughts.

  19. Hazel, it is important to realize that not everyone with celiac disease has antibodies to gluten. If the antibody test is positive, there tends to be a high correlation between positive antibodies and actually having the disease. If antibody negative, it is not particularly helpful.

    From a genetic standpoint, even if antibody negative, if you have a positive genetic marker you are at increased risk for development of celiac versus the general population.

    The gold standard for diagnosis is endoscopy with biopsy, but even this evaluation is not 100%. Given your history, family history, and positive genetic marker, you are possibly at risk for having the disease. Without having the opportunity to examine you, etc. I cannot say with certainty whether you have the disease or not. If you are still very symptomatic, and given that all evaluations have already been performed, it would likely not hurt to do a gluten free diet trial. If your symptoms respond, celiac is possibly your answer.

  20. Please email me and let me know if anyone is planning to meet at the park on Saturday.

  21. I was diagnosed when I was 3 yrs old and I am now 31 so I have literally lived with it all my life. I just discovered something so wonderful…Betty Crocker now makes gluten-free cake and brownie mix!! As most of you probably know, gluten-free baked goods do not keep well past the first day but this cake was still moist on the third day. And my family ate it and no one could tell any difference!

  22. I wondering if anyone could tell me some websites to help with purchasing Gluten-Free foods and recipes. I have a very picky child who will only eat certain foods. Any suggestion are welcome

  23. Krystal,
    The Gluten Free Mall is the best, but whenever you find something that works for you, look for identifiers on the pkg. Ususlly there will be a web site or at least a phone number. These can tell you where to find the product.

    Never hesitate to call manufacturers. They LOVE new customers, especially those of us who are networking with a whole group of potential customers.

  24. check out this website it is cool

    BeFreeForMe.com is a web-based business that gives people with celiac disease and food allergies a direct link to coupons and product samples.

  25. My baby is having a celiac flare and I cant figure out why does peanut butter contain gluten

  26. I would like to come to the play date and bring my celiac son who is 3. But, I will need directions and am not sure where the Maley Swim School is. I live in Byram. Also, I would like to know if others are coming. I don’t want to make the drive in vain.

    I’m excited about the possibility of a support group. I have been searching for one on the internet in this area for quite some time!

  27. play date has been cancelled due to the weather

  28. We will reschedule as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvience

  29. Any one that is interested in reescheduling the play date email me and we can look at some times and dates Breighaunna@aol.com

  30. I have spoken to some of the parents and they still want to have a short meeting even though it will possibly be raining. I have came up with another meeting place. In case some of you did not know. Dipping Dots vanilla ice cream is Gluten Free. Lets meet at the Dippin dots counter lower level northpark mall at 3:00 for a short meet and greet and desert for the kids.

  31. Short meet and greet Saturday Dippin Dots Northpark @ 3:00 pm lower level

  32. Thanks to everyone that showed up a Dippin Dots on Saturday. I had a very nice time.

  33. Sandy Davis, RD

    Hi Everyone! I am the new Registered Dietitian at GI Associates & Endoscopy Center. I found a great new tool to make life easier for those with Celiac Disease to load a their iPhone. I showed Dr. Ulmer and she asked me to let everyone know about it.

    • Thank you so much Ms. Sandy for the iPhone App tip!! It is a wonderful tool that will make my life so much easier!!

  34. I have a 15 year old daughter with celiac. I know it would be good for her to get to know other teenagers facing the same problems. I would also be interested in any recipes especially bread for sandwiches. We haven’t found a good one yet. My email is r.gordy@live.com

    • I have found that the best sandwich bread is from Gluten Free Pantry. It is a mix that you just add the liquid ingredients. It is easy to make but you will still have to freeze most of it and just thaw out for a few days at a time and it is best after toasted slightly. I have tried most (maybe all) of the pre-made breads and have been disappointed in all of them.

    • I agree. My husband has been diagnosed for 6 years. I have tried making and buying many different sandwich breads, but I have not succeeded in finding one that he will eat. If you know of a good one please let me know.

  35. In case you are not aware, Rainbow Foods will order anything that you want. So if you find something online or at another store they will gladly get it in stock for you.

  36. My son is going to be on a gluten-free diet for at least 2 weeks to test for celiac since the biopsy was inconclusive. I have done a lot of research but want to make sure that what I have read is true. Are these products gluten-free? Wishbone Robusto Italian dressing, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. The Wishbone had some ingredients that I questioned, but had read it was ok. Does anyone know? Thanks.

  37. Sandy Davis, RD

    Good for you with your close label reading! It is always recommended to double check the list of ingredients as formulations of products may change. I contacted Wishbone about the Robusto Italian Salad Dressing you were questioning. They company representative assured me the product is gluten-free and there is no chance of cross-contamination. The Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce is also gluten-free.

  38. Can anyone tell me what restaurants in the Jackson area work well with accommodating for being gluten-free? I don’t want to go into uncharted territory with a 13 year old who is new to all of this. Thanks

  39. Sandy Davis, RD

    There is a great new site which lists restaurants which offer gluten-free options:
    There are a number of restaurants listed in the Jackson area. You may download the menu and preview what gluten-free items are offered. I would also recommend contacting the manager and letting them know about your special needs beforehand including the issue with cross-contamination. Cerami’s is not listed on the registry – I happened to notice gluten-free pasta was offered the last time I ate there.

  40. I know the villi in the small intestines start healing as soon as you go gluten free, but how long does it take for them to heal? In the first few weeks, would you still notice things like fatigue?

    By the way, I spent some time with the manager at El Sombrero in Flowood on Friday. He was most accommodating in going over menu items with me to see what was safe and what was not. We finally determined some things that could be made gluten free and had take-out from there Saturday night. No one seemed to have any ill effects from it. When I went in, I had my gluten-free dining card and my written instructions for exactly how I wanted everything. They were super nice and eager to make it just right. While they were preparing it, they came to ask me a few questions to make sure they got it right.

  41. Sandy Davis, RD

    How awesome your experience at El Sombrero! I will share your experience with some of the adults I see with celiac sprue. Thanks for sharing!

  42. Does anyone have any recommendations for Gluten Free Crackers

  43. I really haven’t found any that he likes. Sams has some that I think are good, but it is more of a grown up taste. Will keep my eye out.

    We ate at Biaggi’s this weekend and there gluten free menu was really good! Had a great expeirence.

  44. I really like Nut-Thins by Blue Diamond crackers. They have several flavors and are available at Kroger. They are good alone but also with hummus.

  45. At the Madison Wal-Mart in the new Gluten Free section they have GF crackers by Glutino and they are the best crackers I’ve tasted. They taste just like Ritz crackers and are great with peanut butter or cheese. You can also get them at the Health food store on School St.

  46. I have a 12 yr old son that went through a endoscopy and colonoscopy. After testing our physician said she was 99% sure he had Crohn’s disease. When our path report came back from the biopsy, she said she thought it was celiac disease now. We did blood work and all is negative. We are now doing a strict GF diet and he is still having lots of pain and vomiting. Any suggestions or thoughts. We are very confused and worried.

  47. My son will turn 4 in December, and we are planning the birthday party. We enjoy the Betty Crocker cake mix, but I have no skill when it comes to decorating (especially to make a Batman scene). I have called several local bakeries, and none seem interested in the project. Does anyone know of a decorator (may be just a friend who does these type of things once in a while) who would be interested? Thanks.

  48. As far as restaurants, I find that the “higher end” ones are the most cooperative. Chains frequently have set in stone recipes or heat up food prepared in a central location.

    Places I have found VERY good:
    Sal & Phils

    Most of these are for special occasions.

    Also, if you go to the same place frequently (as I do Sal & Phil’s) they learn exactly what you need to be safe.

  49. Sandy Davis, RD

    Thanks for sharing your list of restaurants Marilyn!

  50. Sandy Davis, RD

    Hi Everyone! Halloween is right around the corner. I wanted to share a couple of Trick or Treat resources with you. Both are from the Gluten Free Checklist website. The first is a list of Gluten-Free Halloween candy:
    The second is some cute recipes:

  51. Does anyone know if celiac disease causes prostate problems. Just found out my 3 year old son has urethral stenosis and I was just wondering is it related to celiac disease

  52. The Glutino crackers are very good, especially the cheese ones. They are the ones that taste like Ritz.
    The Health food store on School Street also has GF graham crackers. I’m going to try a graham cracker crust. I’ll let y’all know.
    Has any one found a decent pie crust? Bob’s Red Mill pizza crust is the best pizza I’ve found and then I load it up with EVERYTHING, so how could it not be good!!!

  53. What is the name of the health food store on School St.?

  54. I can’t think of the name, but it is in the shoppimg center with Max’s Grocery Store. It’s over between the Nail place and the drug store.

    Has anyone else noticed the Kroger on I-55 is cutting back on GF foods? I spoke to the manager and he said it was a decision made in the home office. I have tried to contact customer service, but no luck so far.

  55. Chili’s has a gluten free menu including their potato soup — just bring your own crackers. O’Charley’s also have a menu the potato twisted appetizer is what my 15 year old loves. I hope it helps someone.

  56. I didn’t mention, but I believe someone else did, Biaggi’s is really good and has a lot of choices.

  57. Biaggi’s is my favorite place. Was glad to hear about Chili’s. Also, Walmart in Madison has the best GF Glutino Pretzels and they also carry the Tinkyada Pasta’s that are great. I take those Pretzel’s with me wherever I go and you can even dip them in chocolate!!

  58. The Kroger in Brandon hasn’t had the Tinkyada pasta lately that’s our favorite also- I’ll check in Madison thanks!

  59. Now that Rice Chex and Corn Chex are GF (check the box; some stores still have the old ones) I use the Chex cereals, Glutino pretzels and peanuts to make party mix. Use your normal recipe with butter, Lea & Perrins, celery salt, garlic etc and cook the regular way. GREAT.

  60. where can I find glutino pretzels

  61. walmart in madison has the preztles

  62. Tried another restaurant with GREAT results. Pan Asia knows what gluten free means and will name off the choices that are good. I had Shrimp Pad Thai, and it was wonderful. Our server volunteered that they use a clean wok and colander for GF orders.

    Rainbow has Tinkyada.

    My gluten free crust turned out fine. Use your regular graham cracker crust recipe and crush up GF graham crackers. The phantom store on School St has them. It will not look right when it comes out of the oven but when it cools it will be right.

  63. Glad to hear about Pan Asia. There is also a new Smoothie King behind the CVS Pharmacy and while they did not know much about Gluten in the store I e-mailed there home office and they responded right away and there is a GF section on their web site.

  64. I know at one time there was mention of a support group being started, however I was not able to make the first meeting, My son and I would like to be apart of this group. Please email me at littlezman@msn.com

  65. If there is anybody that does not know about this web site it is the most informative of any to me. celiacforums.com I was reading it today and it said General Mills had a GF list of all their foods. A lot of Progresso soups are now GF!

  66. Anyone in Copiah County with a child with Celiac Disease? I have an 11 year old son recently diagnosed and would love to talk or possibly get together.

  67. Hey everyone! My 8 year old son just recently tested positive for the genetic marker of celiac. We have both now gone on the gluten free diet. What a change!!! I have rid my home of all gluten containing products (I hope) so that my son won’t be tempted to eat something he isn’t suppose to. Also I have alerted the school and the cafeteria about his new diet so they can also be a part of helping him adjust.
    We are having a tough time finding gluten free items in our area, however. I talked to the local grocery store and they are now working on getting a gluten free section.
    I do have a few suggestions to toss out. The gluten free sandwich bread (not the mix) makes really great pizza slices and taste great as French Toast. Also my son came up with the idea of having flavored bread when I make his bread from the dry mixes. So far we have only tried coconut flavored bread and he seemed to like it. He also loves the spiral gluten free pasta with some velveta cheese in it.
    We are still learning and adjusting. I have even got him reading the labels on food and teaching him what to look for so that way he knows if he can eat it or not.

  68. Kroger on I-55 has Glutino pretzels.
    Edie mentioned Progresso soups. I eat the chicken and wild rice and the steak and mushroom. Neither of them have any gluten ingredients listed and I have had no reaction from them. Plus they taste good.

    Udi’s bread is the best I have eaten. Now I have to order it from Colorado, but Rainbow is trying to find a supplier.

    I am still interested in a support group. Any body else?

  69. I love the Progresso Mushroom soup and add some brocolli to it. I also made a lemon ice box pie and used the GF gingersnaps for the crust. Yes I would be interested in a support group but maybe next month????

  70. Just tried a recipe from allrecipes.com – gluten free cookie pizza (without the peanuts because she isn’t fond of nuts). It was really good Everyone liked it including our nonceliac daughter amazing! The gluten free peanut butter cookies are excellent also. Thought it might help someone for the holidays.

  71. I’m 14 almost 15 and i found I have Celiac about 2 weeks ago. Does anyone have any good recepies or advice?

  72. I am 13 going on 14 and was diagnosed with celiac last year, you just have to read the labels very carefully. Also I have found that I like brown rice noodles better than the others, and I found a very good brand of glutein free hambuger helper at the madison walmart, they also have enjoy life brand soft baked cookies and brownies that are very good. We found that the best and easiest way to make me cakes was to use the betty crocker glutein free cake mix and add to it, ex carrot cake. Betty cocker has some good reciepes on their web site. Also just hang in there it seems hard at first to make the change but it gets easier as you go.

  73. I am so thrilled to tell you there is a REAL bread we can eat. Go to Udis bakery.com. Look at the gluten free bread. It is like real bread. It is not available locally, but I order 6 loaves at a time and keep it in the freezer. That lowers the shipping costs. The plain white bread and the whole grain are the only two I have tried, but I now eat sandwhiches, creamed chicken on toast, toast with my breakfast. It’s just SOOOO normal in taste and feel.

  74. Interesting article about potential future alternatives for those living with celiac. The link is:


  75. Hey Leslie my name is Kristen. I am 15 and I found out I had celiac disease about a year ago. There is a great mac and cheese it is called Annies homegrown it has a bunny on the front. It is really good! Betty crocker is really good to! I put cream cheese in the brownie mix to make it not so sweet. I know it is hard at first but it will get better. What helped me was a lot of prayer and great friends and family but mostly God!!

  76. My son, who recently turned 3 yrs old, was diagnosed with celiac on June 09 and we certainly have noticed LOTS of changes in him since going 100% GF. I highly recommend purchasing a copy of the gluten free shopping guide at http://www.triumphdining.com/ The book is PRICELESS. It is filled with various GF options, including store brands that are GF. It saved us so much money. There is also a list in the back of the book, of ingredients that are GF and it helps tremendously with label reading. They also sell a restaurant guide which is really good if you travel alot.

    I do have a question for any of the parents or even Dr. Ulmer (I almost made an appt to see you about this), but in August my son started having seizures. He had an EEG in Sept and it was abnormal so he was sent to a neuro and had another EEG done that came back abnormal and an MRI that came back normal. He is on 2 different anti convulsion meds and is still having generalized seizures every 2 weeks it seems. I have read that untreated celiac disease can cause neurological damage and we know that my son was suffering with the CD for a while prior to diagnosis. Could the two possibly be related? On Thanksgiving, he actually got to a yeast roll and had a seizure not 5 minutes after that and we had to take him to the ER b/c he couldn’t walk or talk. The other seizures have come with no warning and he hadn’t eaten anything he wasn’t supposed to. The neuro is just diagnosing him with epilepsy at this point b/c we can’t seem to figure out why he’s having the seizures. Any input??

  77. Jenia email me we need to talk I can tell about my experiences with my three year old

  78. Jenia, there is a well-known association between celiac disease and neurologic symptoms. Patients can develop calcifications in the occipital are of the brain (the back of the brain) that can be a cause of seizures, but the MRI of the brain should have shown this. Another possibility is a nutritional deficiency such as folate, iron, or B12. Though these types of deficiencies are uncommon in someone so young with celiac, given his history of difficult to control neuro symptoms, he should be evaluated for these. Please call my office so that we can discuss and develop the plan of care.

  79. Guess everybody made it through all the temptations of the holidays.My sweet stepdaughter gave me a gluten-free cookbook that I love. It is called ‘ Make it Fast, Cook it Slow and there is a crockpot receipe for every day of the year. She also has a website-crockpot365.blogspot.com. Also, I ate at Biaggi’s today and had a GF pizza and they told me in a few weeks they were going to have GF bread for us. WOW!!

  80. Can someone give me more information about the health food store on school street?I am not from Jackson and when I looked for it, I couldn’t find it.

    • It is next door to the Rite-Aid on the corner of Hwy 51 and School St. and I think it is called Healthway Nutrition. It is a tiny store with very little food (mainly vitamins) but they do have a decent selection of gluten free foods. They can also order things for you. I have them order bread mix for me.

  81. Kinnikinnik makes a white bread that I get at the store on school street. We havent used it for regular sandwhiches but my 11 year old loves it for grilled cheeses, french toast and cinnamon toast.

  82. Thanks so much!

  83. Does anyone know of any gluten-free fair or symposium coming up close by? I would love to be able to go to some informative sessions and be able to taste test some gluten free products.

  84. Robbie,

    Our 2nd annual Celiac Symposium will be held on June 12, 2010. I will update blog participants as more information becomes available.

  85. Biaggi’s now has GF bread. Also a great dessert of dark chocolate cake filled with melted peanut butter. Had lunch there today.

  86. I was in Rainbow today and picked up a gluten free muffin on the way out. It was an apple pie muffin and it was heavenly! They also had blueberry and another kind and I hate I didn’t get one of each. You can order at gflife.com if Rainbow is out. Definitely worth the price. Have ordered bread, pizza crust and muffins from Udi’s and will post our opinions when we are able to try them.

  87. Udi’s bread came in. Only tried white bread so far, but it is good. You could eat a sandwich on it and never know it was gluten free! Hooray! Marilyn, thanks for recommending it! I, too, will be ordering multiple loaves at a time.

  88. If a soy sauce is labeled as “100% soybean” does this make it gluten-safe?

  89. Sandy Davis, RD

    In 2006, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) passed a new law which requires companies to list the eight most prevalent food allergens (wheat, soy, eggs, milk, peanuts, shellfish, soybeans and tree nuts) in “plain English” on the food label. If wheat protein or a protein derived from wheat is used as an ingredient, it must be declared in the allergy statement. Soy sauce may be brewed from both wheat and soy.
    Please double check the label closely to make sure wheat has not been declared on the allergen statement. If it not declared, the soy sauce you asking about is considered safe for those on a gluten-free diet.

  90. I know that everyone has an accidental gluten ingestion occasionally. I’m sure it’s almost impossible to avoid, even if you are very vigilant. Is there anything that you can do to help alleviate the symptoms quicker when this happens (my child had a strong headache and then the onset of gastro symptoms)? Also, do you find that when this happens that it is worse now than when you weren’t gluten free? How big of a setback is this for the healing process in the intestines?

    • As for as accidental gluten ingestion, our episodes are not necessarily worse now than they were before. We just now know what it is. My daughter was never constipated with Celiac until 4 months ago. She has always reacted by uncontrollable vomiting within 1-1/2 hours after
      ingestion. Depending upon the amount she ingests, she may also have uncontrollable diarrhea. If we are lucky, she only has cramping. If you are sticking with the GF diet, your GI tract will start returning to normal (less inflammation,etc) and accidental ingestions should cause less of a reaction. However, everyone reacts differently.

  91. One more thing. Has anyone heard anything about the effectiveness of Hepatitis A and B vaccines with a celiac patient? I read one article that said that celiacs should be tested for antibodies to see if the vaccines were effective (or need to be readministered) because sometimes they are not in celiac patients. Anyone have any experience with this?

    And by the way, the Udi’s pizza crust was also wonderful!!! Tried to buy the big multipack of it, but it was on backorder. I definitely recommend it. My non-celiac husband said the grilled cheese sandwiches on the Udi’s bread were really good, and so did my son. Wish we could get it around here without having to order it.

  92. My 2 year old son was diagnosed with celiac about a year ago. It has been hard getting him to understand that he can’t always eat what other people can have. If one of the family is eating food with gluten in it he thinks he should eat it, too. I try not to have any gluten food in the house, but my husband has high cholesterol and wants to eat wheat bread. Also, I find that he gets constipated alot with the gluten free diet. Any suggestions?

    • Sandy Davis, RD

      Constipation may be a common complaint with celiac disease. Many of the special gluten-free products are made with refined flours which contain very little fiber.
      It is recommended that adults consume 25-35 grams of fiber daily. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that children over the age of 2 years of age eat an amount equal to their age plus 5 grams.
      Here are some suggestions to increase the fiber content of your son’s (and the rest of the family) daily fiber intake:
      *First of all, it is important to increase fiber intake slowly. Dramatically increasing fiber can cause GI distress (gas and abdominal pain). Gradually increasing fiber intake gives your body a chance to adjust.
      *Use whole grains such as brown rice and wild rice in main/side dishes or add to soups or stews.
      *Use beans such as kidney and butter beans as side dishes or in main dishes.
      *Include at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Some of the higher fiber choices are sweet potatoes, berries and apple.
      *Be adventurous and try some of the GF recipes which call for the addition of whole grain flours such as buckwheat, brown rice, garbanzo and quinoa.
      Hope some of these suggestions work for you and your family!

  93. I found another cool iPhone App that can be a big help if you want to go out to eat. It is called GF Card. It is the gluten free card that you never have to worry about being without as long as you have you cell phone. And it not only has the card in English! It translates the card in other languages!! This is great for Chinese, Italian, and Mexican restaurants! I hope this helps!

  94. I also wanted to post a warning. My 2 year old daughter has celiac disease and has been on the g-free diet for about 2 months. I am still trying to get adjusted to shopping for her food. I recently went to Wal-mart and bought some of the store brand Great Value Traditional Pasta Sauce because it is labeled as a “Naturally Gluten-Free Food.” I discovered today that just above that label it also has a caution that it may also contain wheat! I don’t know if they have corrected this error yet but I have two jars that I have to bring back because they are unsafe for us to have. Please double check your labels even if it says it’s gluten-free!!

  95. Robbie Parrish

    Had the same problem with their pizza sauce. I called their corporate office to complain. They do know about it, but doesn’t look like they have changed their labeling yet. I suggest everyone call to let them know how dangerous this can be for anyone with celiac.

  96. Marilyn Brookes

    HOORAY!!! Rainbow now has Udi’s Bread. They have white, whole grain, and blue berry muffins. Let’s all let them know how much we appreciate it by buying lots!

    Grainless baker (available through Gluten Free Mall) has a good hamburger bun. Doesn’t get all soggy with the mayo and tomato.

  97. Is anyone Interested in a support group in the Smith and Covington County area? I would really like to get one started. Jackson is too far for me to drive. I would love to meet anyone going through this but also other mothers with children that have celiac. I feel so alone since noone I know is going through this. It would be nice to make new friends!!

  98. I called Wal-Mart’s Customer Service and asked why the label of some sause I bought has a gluten free label when the allergy caution stated it may contain traces of wheat and the lady I spoke with told me it was because they make it gluten free but because of where it is processedit may have been contaminated. Even so I don’t see how they have the right to print on the label that it is gluten free when it is a contaminated product. But she said I could return the two jars I have for a full refund.

  99. I am thirteen and have had celiac for a year now. I am feeling very alone lately. The conference this summer was great, and I think maybe something like that could be done more often??? It doesn’t have to be real big just maybe kind of like a book club. I live in a town where a healthy lifestyle seems to be shunned.

  100. Hi, Bell I am also thirteen and have had celiac for just over a year now. If you just want to talk to someone else sometime that knows what you are going through send me an email at littlezman@msn.com.

  101. Marilyn, thanks for telling us the Udi’s bread was at Rainbow. I went and got the last loaf of white but they were sold out of the muffins. I went right home and toasted a slice and it was heavenlly!! I wonder if they got the pizza crust.

  102. I have a question regarding the 2nd Annual Celiac Seminar coming up June 12th. Is that something I need to bring my 2 year old daughter to since she is the one who has it or is it more of an educational thing for parents and adults? I am really looking forward to it either way but I didn’t want to bring her if I’m not supposed to.

  103. I was looking at some of the comments earlier today and I saw some people talking about a support group. Is it for adults or children, and where does everyone meet?

  104. I tried Gluten Free pasta at Sal and Mookies this past weekend and it was wonderful. You have to try it and they also have Gluten Free ice cream.

  105. My son and I used to take Juice Plus before he was diagnosed. One of the ingredients said barley bran (in the green ones), so we stopped taking them even though the company said that they had less than the amount of parts per million to be considered to be gluten free. We both have been plagued by nagging colds and sinus problems since we quit taking them. Does anyone still take Juice Plus with celiac or is there a different vitamin that they take? He says his vitamins aren’t working since he can’t seem to shake the colds. I would really like to put him back on the juice plus if it would be safe, but I’m just not sure at this point. Anybody have any thoughts or ideas? Thanks

  106. Sandy Davis, RD

    I wrote to Juice Plus a few months ago about the barley bran they are using. It may be safely used for those with celiac disease. Please see the following reply received from them:

    Hi Sandra,

    All our products meet the limit proposed by FDA for gluten-free foods, less than 20 parts per million gluten.

    As you mention in your note, oats do not contain gluten naturally. People with gluten intolerance / celiac sprue are sometimes concerned about the possibility of cross-contamination with gluten-containing grains like wheat, barley or rye, whether it is from field contamination, or process or storage contamination. By doing our gluten test on the finished product, we put those concerns to rest; if there was any type of contamination, it would show in the finished product.

    Best regards,

    Carlos F. Madero, Ph.D.
    Director, Technical Support
    NSA, the maker of Juice Plus+®
    140 Crescent Drive
    Collierville, TN 38017

  107. Hi Amanda Kay,

    The 2nd Annual Celiac Symposium will definitely be kid-friendly. However, your little one might not find it very interesting which might make it a little more difficult for you to glean the information that you would like from our speakers. Typically, school-aged children and up are best suited for an event such as ours. We would love to see you either way, though!

    • Thanks Dr. Ulmer!! I will be there. I definatly want to get as much out of the Symposium as possible so I will get a sitter.

  108. My daughter is 10 now and was diagnosed 1 year ago. Just wanted to let you know about Chebe brand. They offer several items, all have been really good esp. the pizza crust. It comes in frozen and mix. We are in the Hattiesburg area, and can find these at local Corner Market. Also, Jules Gluten free flour is awsome. Very expensive, but great. That website will send you free recipes as well. Anyone around the Hattiesburg area interested in talking?

  109. If anyone would like to become e-pals my email address is amanda.kay_86@yahoo.com.

  110. My grandmother had a birthday dinner at her house this past Saturday. I went and brought my children with me.( the 2 year old has Celiac) My mother was trying to explain Celiac in more detail to a concerned aunt who was asking more about it. A cousin of mine walked up. (She is a nurse in a hospital in Hattiesburg) When she heard my mom say that we have to double check the labels on everything that we buy for my daughter, she told my mom that she didn’t know why we were overreacting and that celiac disease isn’t a big deal and that we need to just feed my daughter and be done with it!! I don’t even know what to say to someone like that!! Anyone else ever been put in that position? What do you do when you have to prove that what you and your family is going through IS a big deal?!

  111. Is anyone interested in having a get together? The weather is so nice!! It would be a great time to get out with the kids!! Email me if you are interested!! amanda.kay_86@yahoo.com I live in the Smith/Simpson County area. I am willing to have a get together in Jackson, Magee, or Hattiesburg. I would also consider surrounding areas if they aren’t too far out of the way! I would also be interested in exchanging emails with anyone on this site who needs help or has help to offer!! I look forward to hearing from you!

  112. Marilyn Brookes

    Without sounding too self-serving, I want to offer a free service to y’all. My hobby is cooking, and I’m pretty good at it. If you have particular foods or favorites that you want converted to GF, I’ll see what I can do. This does not include baking, which is mt Achellies heel. You can reach me at marilynbrookes@bellsouth.net

    • What a wonderful offer! I am new to this so I am sure I will take you up on your offer at some point! Thanks!

  113. Going to the beach in July with the whole family. Does anyone have suggestions on places to eat in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach/Perdido Key? Need something that will satisfy the gluten-free and the bread-eaters. Thanks.

  114. Has anyone ever been to a Celiac camp? Would like a recommendation if you have been to one. Our daughter is 13 and was diagnosed a year ago.

  115. I’m on facebook and myspace! Please add me! Send me an email first so I will know who you are. My email address is listed in a previous post!

  116. Marilyn Brookes

    Robbie, have fun at the beach. Do you have any of the meal cards that tell what you can’t eat? You can get them off the internet. I find that if I order something grilled and give them the card I have no trouble.

  117. I made these cinnamon rolls and they are great.

    The last time I really craved a hot cinnamon roll covered with ooey gooey sugary glaze was sometime before my Celiac diagnosis in November 05. I remember being at a mall and stopping at one of those places because my husband wanted an oversized monsterous cinnamon roll. The ones that are so big you need to eat them with a knife and fork. You know the ones I’m talking about. Haven’t we all wanted one at one time or another?!?!?! I never dared allow myself to have one – too many calories! I would’ve loved one, but I just couldn’t justify eating it.

    Now, all bets are off. Fuggetabout the calories. As long as I can have gluten free cinnamon rolls that taste like the ones I made this morning, I am not counting calories. Get me a fork and a knife – I’m eating the cinnamon roll of my dreams! Not that I should’t still be eating sensibly to maintain my girlish figure. It’s just that I’m still in that post-diagnosis phase of thinking I should be able to eat anything I want, anytime. Oh, I realize it might catch up with me. But now, I’m concentrating on what I can eat and not on what I can’t eat.

    These are so friggin’ good that you will think you are in heaven. You will think you are at the mall (I’m not suggesting that the mall is heaven, believe me) eating one of those huge monstrous cinnamon rolls that always smell so good and becken and tempt you into buying one. Thanks to Jenn at the Celiac.com listserve, I followed this recipe and had the cinnamon roll of my dreams. She got the recipe from The Gluten Free Kitchen by Roben Ryberg. Go here for Jenn’s detailed pictures.

    Ladies and gentleman, start your engines. It’s time for the ride of your life!

    Cinnamon Rolls
    Serves 8 or 9

    2 tablespoons shortening (I used butter)
    1/4 cup sugar
    2/3 cup of milk, room temperature
    1 packet yeast (about 1 tablespoon)
    1 egg
    1/4 cup canola oil
    1/2 cup potato starch
    1 cup corn starch (someone subbed arrowroot successfully)
    1/4 teaspoon baking soda
    2 1/2 teaspoons xantham gum
    2 teaspoons baking powder
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    1 – 2 tablespoons sugar

    FILLING (*see Ellen’s note at end of post)
    1 cup brown sugar
    1 1/4 teaspoons cinnamon
    1/3 cup chopped nuts – optional

    ¾ cup powdered or confectionary sugar
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    milk to thicken (I used soymilk)

    Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

    In medium bowl, combine shortening and sugar. Mix well. Measure warm milk and add yeast to milk. Whisk well to fully dissolve (**see Ellen’s note).

    Add milk/yeast to sugar mixture. Add remaining ingredients. Mix very well, being sure to remove all lumps. Dough will be quite soft (***see Ellen’s note).

    Take a piece of plastic wrap and lay it out so it covers a 13 1/2″ x 13 1/2″ square. Sprinkle sugar on the wrap. Lay ball of dough on top of that. Then pull out another sheet of wrap and gently lay over the dough. Pat the dough down into a roughly squarish pancake. Lift the top wrap up and then reposition it. Use a rolling pin to roll out the dough in between the two layers of wrap. Occasionally you’ll have to lift and reposition the wrap because it gets “stuck” under the edges. You might have to occasionally flip the whole thing over. Make sure that when you’re done you’ve got ABOUT a 13 1/2″ x 13 1/2″ square of dough.

    Remove top piece of wrap. Combine filling ingredients. Spread evenly across dough’s surface. (Original recipe poster suggested leaving about a 1 1/2″ sugar free edge because when you roll the dough all the sugar shifts and fills this in; otherwise all the sugar spills out).Use the bottom piece of wrap to lift the edge of the dough and start to roll it up forming a long cylinder. Start with the sugary edge, which will be the center of your roll and roll toward the sugarless edge. Cut off or trim up the irregular ends of your “log”. Then cut into 8 or 9 slices of similar size, about 1 1/2″ wide. Place rolls into a greased round glass pie pan.

    Bake approximately 20 minutes, until tops are lightly browned.

    Combine powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk to make glaze. The amount of milk you use will depend on how thick you want the glaze to be. Stir until all lumps are dissolved. Drizzle over warm rolls if desired.

    Person who wrote about this recipe included this note: These are lovely with coffee in the morning. They’re very light and fluffy – not too heavy or dense. I’ve also discovered that you can make these the night before and stop short of baking them. Wrap them up in their pan or glass dish and leave them in the fridge for the night. The next morning you can take them out and bake them and they come out just the same! I’ve found that this is a great thing to bring to a friends house for brunch. I just pop them in their oven – and you’ve got a great GF contribution and you know there’s no cross contamination!

    *I thought the rolls were a bit too sweet, so the next time I make them I will cut the amount of filling ingredients to about 2/3 of what the recipe calls for.
    **It seems odd that the recipe doesn’t call for proofing the yeast. I decided to cover the milk and yeast mixture with plastic wrap and allow it to at least begin proofing.
    ***The mixture is very, very soft – I was convinced that I’d made a mistake, but it ended up being fine.

  118. Hey guys! Here is a yummy simple g-free snack idea. Quaker Caremal Corn Rice Cakes are g-free so put some g-free peanut butter on them and top with a few banana slices and enjoy!! I told ya it was simple!! And my daughters love them!! (I enjoyed it myself!) Let me know if you like them too!!

  119. Hey all, I went to Rainbow to get my Udi’s bread yesterday and stopped by Healthway on School Street to see if they could get it and they said they would try again . That afternoon they left me a message on my phone that they should have it in about two weeks. I think that is the best GF food on the market.

  120. That is great! Heathway is much more on my beaten path! Udi’s is by far the best bread! My other favorite product is Pamela’s flour. I substistue it cup for cup in recipes and have had great success!

  121. Pamela Beck

    My son was diagnosed with celiac disease last december. It has been really hard for us. He is five and he really doesn’t understand why he has this. I cannot get his school to let anyone else know that he has this so they bring in stuff he cannot have and it gets him upset. Anyway if anyone lives in Vicksburg it would be nice to know and talk to someone. And so he can meet kids that also have this.

  122. Pamela Beck

    Amanda Kay I have been put in this situation and I just walk away or I just say that I had two doctors tell me that it was a big deal and just leave it at that.

    • I am sorry you have had to put up with the same ignorance I have. I don’t want everyone’s sympothy but a little compassion would be nice! I just wish for our children’s sake that everyone knew how serious this is. This is a medical problem that is so much easier with family, friend, and community support! But it is getting better and easier everyday! Thank you for letting me know I am not alone! It’s hard to remember that other moms are going through the same things I am.

  123. I hear of more and more people being diagnosed with celiac all the time. It is such a blessing to have doctors that will run the tests and make the diagnosis now. For several years, my son was diagnosed with IBS, acid reflux and lactose intolerance. It is such a relief to now know what is truly wrong with him. Since cutting out the gluten at the first of October, he has grown 3.5 inches and gained over 10 pounds. Thank you, Dr. Ulmer, for giving us our lives back. It’s great to not worry about whether or not stomach issues will interrupt school, sports, etc.

  124. To all of you who are newly diagnosed, I have a few tips. We have been gluten-free for a little over a year now. For those of you who eat out alot, you can go to each fast food restaurant’s website & check out their menu for GF options. For example, taco bell is an excellent choice with hard shell tacos or their nachos. Wendy’s has baked potatoes & chilli, McDonald’s french fries are fried separately from any other breaded items, etc. Outback’s Chocolate Thunder from Down Under is GF, Ichiban is more than willing to use our GF soy sauce that we bring & cook our daughter’s meal to the side by itself, etc. For breading things like chicken @ home, you can use Zatarain’s fish fry. I use it for chicken tenders all of the time. It takes a while to get your bearings, but once you get the hang of it, life becomes much easier. As far as school children go, meet with your faculty & explain your situation. Take them information printed from the internet so that they can learn about this disease. They will be more than willing to work with you when they understand the seriousness of the disease & how it affects your family. They will allow you to send GF options for class parties & field trips. (We are always asked to send fruit trays & dips!) Check your child’s crayons & your makeup! We learned this the hard way. Gluten can be found in any item that started as a powder! Make sure to read labels of any of your medications. Gluten can be used in them as “fillers” for tablets and as sweeteners for liquids. Have your pharmacist list wheat as an allergy at the drug store! If you have any questions or advice, please contact me @ triciahutto@yahoo.com.

    • Sandy Davis, RD

      A word of caution is advised with eating out for those with celiac disease. Cross-contamination is a real concern. One cannot gauge whether one has a tummy upset as to whether the food has gluten or not. It is always best to check if the restaurant has a gluten-free menu or ingredient list posted on the company website. I also advise speaking with the manager of the restaurant before hand about special needs and cross contamination concerns.
      Checking the company website for gluten-free items is a great suggestion. Unfortunately, McDonald’s french fries are a no- no as wheat is listed as an ingredient on their website. I also contacted their customer service center to verify.
      The Food and Drug Administration passed a law called FALCPA (Food Allergen Labeling Consumer Protection Act in which eight allergens (including wheat) must be listed in the ingredient list. No such law exists for medications (both over-the-counter and prescriptions). There is a website which is a good one for checking whether your prescription or over-the-counter medicine (including multivitamins) contains gluten or not:
      Your pharmacist is also a good resource. Another resource is to contact the manufacturer directly. The 800 number should be listed on the package.

  125. Hey everyone, my daughter who is 7 has just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and we are having a really hard time with it.. If anyone would like to help me out with understanding please feel free to contact me at candymaxwell@ymail.com

  126. Is the celiac seminar still on for June 12? Is there a website or something we can look at to get more info. I’ve had it on my calendar and really looking forward to it.

  127. Sandy Davis, RD

    Wanted to post information about the upcoming conference for everyone. See you at the conference!

    2nd Annual Celiac Disease Conference

    June 12, 2010
    9:00 am-12:00 pm
    Baptist for Women Hospital

    Gluten Free lunch provided by Biaggi’s Restaurant

    Sponsored by:
    Dr. April Ulmer, GI Associates & Baptist for Women Hospital

    Free Admission

    Seating is limited
    Call 601-948-6262 to Register

    Directions to Baptist for Women:
    From I-55 – take the Fortification Street exit – head west – turn right at
    State Street. Then, take the first driveway to the left. Follow the
    boulevard around the parking garage to the parking area. When you enter
    Baptist for Women hospital, walk through the lobby, past the gift shop on the right
    and an information desk will be directly in front of you. At the
    information desk take a left to the conference room.

  128. Hey, yeah. I hope to get this posted on the Baptist website real soon too.

  129. Healthway at School St has the Udi’s bread now. Stacy, where do you get Pamela’s flour? I can’t seem to find it.

  130. I get it at Rainbow in a large bag, that costs $17.00 It is actually called pamela’s bread mix. They did not it have last time I was there, but you can also get small bags at Kroger. I have used it cup for cup as a replacement for all purpose flour in recipes and it really works great!

  131. They are coming out with gluten free bisquick! I can not wait to try it!!

  132. Thanks Stacy. I have always used Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Baking Flour. I’m pretty excited about the Bisquick. Has anybody seen the Betty Crocker devils food cake mix anywhere? It’s like it has vanished!

    • Kelli Tucker

      I’ve wondered about that myself. All the stores in my area have carried all of the betty crocker gf except the devil’s food cake mix.

  133. My eight year old daughter was diagnosed with Celiac about three weeks ago and i have found a great all purpose flour from Jules. Excited to read about the Gluten free Bisquick! I do have one question for Dr. Ulmer. I have read so much about Celiac being geneticly inherited. My husband has been hospitalized three times in one year because he had vomiting, and intestinal inflammation and went through endoscopy, pill cam and they found nothing to explain what was wrong. His daddy, my daughters Grandfather, was also hospitalized for the same thing and they didn’t know what was wrong either. Could they have Celiac that may have been passed down to our daughter and can they be tested?

  134. My father had many of the same symptoms my son had before my son’s diagnosis. He hurt terribly all the time. He ended up with a chirrhosed liver, even though he didn’t drink. Some research I’ve read says there can be a correlation between that and celiac disease. His favorite snack every day was a peanut butter sandwich on white bread with a glass of milk. Knowing now the relation between lactose intolerance and celiac, I have to believe that he was where the celiac gene in our family came from. I just wish that someone had known to test him for celiac back then. I think the last 15 years of his life would have been totally different. I would definitely tell both of their doctors about your daughter’s diagnosis.

  135. thanks and my husband is going to ask his doctor about getting tested

  136. New iPhone App!! Cook IT Allergy Free is an app that costs $4.99 and has 200 gluten free recipies! It also shows alternatives to eggs, milk, etc! So it’s great for celiacs and celiacs with other good allergies!! Just thought I would let everyone know! Hope this helps!!

  137. Marilyn Brookes

    Another restaurant discovery!!! Sunday we ate lunch at Ding Howe’s Chinese Bistro on Old Canton. Ask for Lena (she is the owner) She understands Gluten free and will tell you which menu items are safe and will supervise the preparation so that you can eat with confidence.

    I had mango prawns and it was super! My husband (who can eat anything) had shrimp and lobster sauce that he said was really good. They have a full bar and are not overly expensive. Another winner!

  138. If anyone is up near Louisville, A La Carte Alice carries a product from sweet and saucy called Aunt Emily’s Cranberry Caramel Sauce. It is delicious! Wonderful over vanilla ice cream. It will make you want to lick the bowl. You can also order it from their website at sweetandsaucy.net They have many sauces that are certified gluten free.

  139. My 16 month old son Jordan has recently been put on the gluten free diet. We made the decision that we would do it as a family. I purchased some chocolate chip cookies that basically taste like cardboard with chips 🙂 I love to cook and was wondering if anyone had found any tried and true recipes out there? I have a bread maker and am going to make my own bread. I have found some recipes online that I have not tried but I will be glad to share them myself if I find that they are good. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Betty Crocker has great gluten free cookies, cakes, and brownies!! My 2 year old daughter loves them and so do I!! Most people I have made them for can’t even tell a differance! But if you have used gluten in your bread maker before you don’t need to use it for gluten free bread. It is contaminated with gluten particals. I was told there was no way to clean it properly to get rid of it, so you may need to buy you a new one.

  140. Thank you so much. I found the gluten free cake and brownies but will look further for the cookies. I tried a recipe off the gluten free Chex cereal box last night and it is so good. it is called “Check Muddy Buddies”. It takes about 15 minutes start to finish and makes 15 sack size bags. Here is the recipe:

    9 cups Rice Chex cereal
    1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
    1/2 cup peanut butter
    1/4 cup butter
    1 tsp vanilla
    1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

    Into a large bowl, measure cereal; set aside. In a 1-quart microwavable bowl, microwave chocolate chips, peanut butter and butter uncovered on High 1 minute; stir. Microwave about 30 seconds longer or until mixture can be stirred smooth. Stir in vanilla. Pour mixture over cereal, stirring until evenly coated. Pour into a 2 gallon resealable plastic storage bag. Add powdered sugar. Seal bag; shake until well coated. Store in airtight container in refrigerator.

    *I use a paper bag. I put in my powdered sugar and then my chex mix, foll up the top of the bag and shake. Whatever works for you.

    Yields 18 (1/2) cup servings.

  141. Amy, that sounds great! When I am out shopping I always eat lunch at Chick-fil-a and their chicken-fruit salad is so good. They have a GF menu on their web page. Hope everybody signed up for the seminar this Sat. Look forward to meeting everybody!

  142. Thank you Edie. I just went on the Chex website and found that there are five flavors in the gluten free Chex cereals and they had multiple recipes. Anything from Italian Chex to a dessert pizza with the crust made of chex mix. I will be at the class Saturday. I am ready to learn. All Jordan wants to eat right now is potatoes, cheese and applesauce. I think he has felt so bad for so long when presented with something new in his 16 month old mind he says “Not a chance lady. It is not worth the pain and agony.” So he eats what he has realized works and turns his head to the side on the rest. But, Rome was not built in a day and we are working on it. I look forward to meeting some of you Saturday!

  143. Okay, found another recipe that I made and my family had a fit over. I made the Cheesy Hamburger Casserole in the Incredible Edible Gluten-Free Food for Kids cookbook but I I made adjustments. So here it is. I hope it works for your family:

    2 cups gluten free penne pasta
    2 lbs of hamburger
    3/4 cup of the frozen Picksweet sasoning blend which is frozen, already diced onion, red and green bell pepper with some parsley
    1/2 tsp of garlic powder
    1 tbsp of dried parsley, crushed
    1/2 tsp of dried basil, crushed
    1 can of diced tomatoes and green chilies
    2 1/2 cups of the pizza blend cheese
    1/2 cup milk
    1/2 cup of Parmesan Cheese
    3 slices of gluten free bread converted to bread crumbs
    1 tsp salt

    In a large saucepan, cook the noodles according to the package directions. Drain noodles and set aside.

    In a skillet saute your hamburger meat, adding in your Picksweet seasoning blend. Then add parsley, basil, tomatoes, salt and two cups of the pizza blend cheese. Remove from heat when your meat has cooked thoroughly.

    Combine meat mixture and noodles and stir till mixed well. Transfer into a 13 x 9 casserole dish. Sprinkle top with parmesan, remaining 1/2 cup of pizza blend cheese and bread crumbs.

    Bake at 350 for 18-20 minutes.

    * I used the tapioca bread. It has such a pungent flavor. It is not my bread of choice for a sandwich, but it worked for this. I bought it and sure did not want it to go to waste!

    It allowed enough for all four of use to have dinner, for lunch today and still some left over. I would imagine that it freezes well also.

    I am a big believer on preparing meals ahead of time. It not only saves time, but saves money. If there are any of you interested I would love to get together and share easy, affordable, gluten-free meal planing and share recipes. Maybe we can bring that up at the conference this weekend and see how many would be interested. If we all help each other all of our families will benefit from it. Jordan is on week two of his diet. I was sceptical last week. I had seen Dr. Ulmer on Friday and he choked because of the reflux and got sick on the way to his appointment and then again an hour after our appointment. But yesterday I could really tell a difference in him. His color was wonderful. He was so happy and energetic. He ususally is in agony during the evening hours and I finally just have to put him to bed at 10:00. Last night he went to bed at 7:30. He is finally acting like a normal 16 month old. He has even picked up two new words this week. I am not saying it is all due to the dietary change but I am not doing anything else different.

    • I would love to have a recipe for gluten free chicken parmesan pasta or chicken alfredo does any body have a good one Please share with me I love it but dont have any clue on how to make it Gluten Free. My son was diagnosed with celiac at 2 and he is four now and it does get better

      • Anne Lea Dowdy

        Yes! I do! I’m eating chicken alfredo tonight! Okay so you just need gluten free noodles (and if you let the water boil, put the noodles in, let it come back to a boil, cut it off and put the top on for 10 minutes, and rinse when you drain, it doesn’t get all icky! Tinkyada is my favorite brand.). Boneless skinless chicken breasts: You put them in a pan with some oil (evoo or whatevers in the house). Season it with garlic powder, garlic salt, onion powder, cumin, and whatever other seasons you like on your chicken and let it rock in the pan until its done. When its done, cut it into bit size bits. For the sauce: melt 1 stick of butter, add 16 oz. of cream or half and half, let that reduce while you stir and make sure it doesn’t boil. Add about 6oz. of sliced parmesan and stir until it melts and don’t let it boil. Then mix the noodles, chicken, and sauce together and BAM! Chicken Alfredo! Let me know if you need anything else!

  144. I wanted to attend the seminar but will be unable to because of baseball games. Is there any way I can get copies of the information from the seminar?

  145. Anne Lea Dowdy

    I’m 18 years old and Dr. Ulmer diagnosed me with Celiac Disease in August 2009. It has been extremely challenging and I can’t imagine how hard it is for those of you with young children. I can at least say “no, I can’t have that”. Young kids don’t know. My email is aldowdy317@gmail.com. I’ll be happy to talk to anyone about it. My mom, dad, brothers, and boyfriend have struggled and made it through so far. It’s been the biggest challenge. My mom is an excellent cook and has come up with some killer gluten free recipies. If anyone needs any, let me know and I’ll be happy to help. She makes some killer homemade bread, too. The frozen stuff is AWFUL, just so y’all know and don’t try it. And Amy’s has GF pizzas that are the bomb! And theres frozen waffles! So if anyone needs anything or has any yummy recipies, please let me know!

  146. Tracy,

    We are working on ways to provide the information from the seminar to those who could not participate. We’ll likely figure out a way to post it on our GI Associates/GI Peds website but will keep you posted! Thanks for your interest. We are looking forward to seeing those of you who can attend this Saturday!

  147. Marilyn Brookes

    News Flash: I just talked to Betty Crocker rep who said gluten free Bisquick will be in local stores by mid-August. Judging from the other Betty Crocker GF mixes, it shoiuld be good. How’s thet for something to look forward to!!!!

  148. If anyone is in the Meridian area, Cater’s market has ordered the udi bread and muffins. They are very helpful there and will order whatever you need. They have in stock a pretty good selection I even found gf lasagna noodles! My daughter, Kristen, loves lasagna so she was very excited about being able to eat that again.

  149. I was unable to attend the Conferance but I would still like to sign up for the support group. And hopefully get a copy of the material that was covered today.

  150. Wow, what a great celiac conference that was today! The speakers were great and you just didn’t want to miss a word they said. It was really awesome to be surronded by people who are going through the same thing you are. Thank you so much to everyone who worked to put it together. I will certainly look forward to next year.

  151. Was it recorded by any chance?

  152. Amanda Kay, I doubt that it was recorded but you could call Sandra Davis,the nutritionist at Baptist and she could tell you.

    • Sandy Davis, RD

      The conference this past weekend was wonderful! We understand not everyone who wanted to attend was able to. Dr. Ulmer answered this question previously with the following response – “We are working on ways to provide the information from the seminar to those who could not participate. We’ll likely figure out a way to post it on our GI Associates/GI Peds website but will keep you posted! Thanks for your interest.”

    • Sandy Davis, RD

      I also forgot to mention I am the Registered Dietitian (nutritionist) for GI Associates and Endoscopy Center, not Baptist.

  153. What was the brand of GF All purpose flour that was shown to us at the conference? I went to the Kroger on Lakeland, Spillway, Madison, Hwy 51, Byram and to Fresh Market and it was nowhere to be found. I know I would have recognized the bag. If someone could please enlighten me I would greatly appreciate it because I am going to order it online.

  154. Amy, I think it was Pamela’s bread mix and I believe Stacy said she gets it at Rainbow. Also I think Brandy was looking for a receipe for chicken alfredo and I meant to tell her that I have been buying the Classico Pasta Sauce in the Roasted Garlic Alfredo flavor at Wal-mart and it is labeled Gluten Free. I love it.

  155. Hey y’all- It is Pamela’s bread mix and I do get it at Rainbow. I have found it at Kroger but it is in small bags and I like to have the big bag on hand. I made sweet rolls with it yesterday and they were great!!!

    I really enjoyed Saturday!

  156. Thanks Edie and Stacy. I called Healthway and he has been carrying the 2lb bags. I asked him about the 4lb and he looked at his list and said he would be able to order that for me and that he said the suggested retail was a little over 17.00 but he would price it lower than that because they try to be very competitive. They also have a rebate program. See the information I copied and pasted from their site below. They are located at the School Street Shopping Center on Hwy 51.

    Rebates – If you spend $250 or more on qualifying products (almost everything) during a calendar year you’ll receive a rebate equal to 5% of your purchases that year. The “apple dollars” rebate is just one of many ways we utilize to make Healthway the best value provider in the state.

    Mail Orders – Healthway has an active mail order service. Orders are mailed via USPS, generally the on the same day the order is received. Cost of shipment is determined by weight, delivery zone and method. We use only the USPS rate schedule and do not add a handling charge. Parcel Post is usually the least expensive option and shipments in state are usually delivered in 1-2 days. We will request credit card information if you are not already a regular customer. Call your order to 601-856-8394.

    Gift Certificates – What a nice way to let your friends and loved ones you care about their health and wellbeing. Available as $5, $10, $20, $25, $30, $50, and $100 certificates. Need more? Just ask.

    I would like to encourage everyone who is not getting out here and blogging to do so. Look, we are all in this together. There is no good reason why we cannot share things that are working for us in order to help each other. There is no since in recreating the wheel so to speak. It is quite a learning curve and alot of research is involved in getting started with the diet. If you have something that you feel will help others you should share it.

  157. That is so great! Healthway is so much more convienent than Rainbow for me. They are very nice too. I need to get better about asking to order things!!! Calling today!

  158. Great! Yes, he will be placing the order for it. I know he said he will have the 2lb bags in this Wednesday so I have him holding 2 of those for me. I think he was ordering a total of 6. He said he was going to order the 4lb bag and it would be in the following week so give him a ring and tell him you want one too. I told him if he would provide the specialty things that I needed I would definetely be a very familiar face!

  159. I have another recipe I wanted to put out here that I tried and my family loved. It is great for lunches or snacks and super easy.

    Rice Chex Krispies:

    1 stick butter
    1 package (10 oz) miniature marshmallows
    6 cups of Gluten Free Rice Chex


    Melt butter and marshmallows in bowl in microwave. I set it at 1 minute 30 seconds.

    Add GF Rice Chex and stir until all of the Chex are thoroughly coated. Spread mixture into a 9 x 13 casserole dish that has been lightly sprayed with cooking spray and set aside to cool.

    Once cooled you can cut them and wrap them in individually in saran wrap. I put them in a container in the cabinet and pull them out for lunches or snacks as needed. Super easy, cost efficient and the kids love them. My husband has found favor with them as well : )

  160. Thanks , Amy, that sounds like a receipe even I can handle.

  161. Just wanted to let everyone know that the Great American Cookie Company (there is one located in Northpark Mall and many Malls in the South) now has a gluten free chocolate cookie that is wonderful. My 17 year old was diagnosed with Celiac in February and we are still adjusting. This is her favorite cookie so far!

    • Thank you Terri. That is great to know. Will definetely come in handy on those trips when I forget to bring a snack and my 17 month old, Jordan (aka the cookie monster) needs immediate satisfaction. I appreciate you passing along the info. I like the Pamela’s cookes but they crumble so. It would not be so bad if he was a little older. Right now he enjoys mushing them to oblivion and at over 3.00 a box that really hurts my wallet when he does so!

  162. Wow, thanks Terri!! I probably need to go to the Mall today.

  163. Jason Saucer

    My son is 3 and was just diagnosed last week. I am glad that we finally know whats wrong. (I truly thank GOD for Dr Ulmer!) After meeting with the nutritionist today my wife and I felt very overwhelmed and uncertain. I have been reading this blog and everyone’s comments and encouragement has helped alot already and this site is PRICELESS. Thank you all so much!!
    I live in West Monroe, Louisiana and would love to start a support group here. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

  164. We got us some Pamala’s Bread Mix and made us a loaf in our new bread maker last night!!! My baby got to eat her a sandwich for the first time in over 6 months!!! It was great! She loved every bite!! She kept saying “I love it! It’s my favorite!!” I was so happy I recorded her eating it! Lol!!

    • That is great to hear a first hand account. Thanks for posting it to let us all know. It is very appreciated. I will have to give it a whirl myself.

  165. Sandy Davis, RD

    During the Celiac Conference, I announced Nature’s Own was test marketing their own GF bread in Atlanta. I contacted the company and found out they are planning on continuing the test market in Atlanta for three months. If sales continue to do well, the product will be released at the end of the year. The representative was unsure which stores would be carrying the product and where.

  166. Jason Saucer

    I wanted to let everyone know that Longhorn Steakhouse has a gluten free menu and are happy to print it out for you upon arrival. For those traveling between Jackson and Shreveport there is one located on the Garrett Rd Exit in Monroe.

  167. Jason Saucer

    I spoke to customer support today at nature’s own. She said that the Publix and Krogers in Atlanta have the new gluten free bread. It has a 10-12 day shelf life like normal bread. 🙂 I was also told that the website for updates is http://www.naturesownglutenfree.com to check for updates.

  168. Jason, you sound like you have got things pretty much under control. Is there an Outback next to the Longhorn Steakhouse? They used to have a GF menu and they have an awesome dessert. Do they have a good healthfood store in Monroe? I can’t wait for the Naturesown bread to get down our way. Hope someone will let us know if they find any.

  169. Kelli Tucker

    My son is 4 and autistic. We are starting a strict gluten free diet but also still cutting out casein/dairy.

    Anyone else?

  170. Kari Miller

    Kelli, I have a friend that has 2 children with autism and she has them on a gf/casein free diet. She said she would love to talk to you. You can email me at kari.n.miller@comcast.net and I will give you her contact info.

  171. We are in New Orleans for the week!! Any suggestions on a good place to eat that has a G-Free menu?

    • Bubba Gump’s does gf well, most nicer restaurants will try to accommodate you if you call ahead or ask at the door. There is also a pizza place there with gf pizza but cant remember the name of it, maybe Landry’s but you might want to check on that

  172. I have found a great cookbook that I bought on Amazon.com called Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Cookbook for Kids and Busy Adults by Connie Sarros. It is the 2nd addition and has casein free options. This cookbook for the most part has basic ingredients that you don’t have to do by the specialty stores and special sections in the grocery store to get. It also does not call for 4,000 ingredients to make the recipes. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am up to my eyeballs in medical debt because of all we have been through with Jordan and I sure don’t have a fortune to spend in that arena. So go check it out on Amazon.com. You can buy the books used there at a much more reasonable price than the bookstores. Have a great day!

  173. Has anyone bought The Essential Gluten Free Resturant Guide or The Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide? I’m thinking about getting them and I wanted to be sure it would be a good investment. There are some good reviews on the website but it’s easier to trust first hand experiances!

  174. This may have already been out for a couple of weeks and I just did not know it, but for those of you who don’t know. Gluten Free Bisquick is on the shelves in the grocery stores! Found it last night at Kroger on Lakeland.

  175. I looked for the Bisquick at Wal-mart yesterday and they didn’t have it so glad to know Kroger has it. Wal-mart also didn’t have the new coconut M&Ms but they had them at Sam’s. Like I really needed them!!

  176. I wanted to let everyone know that the 4lb bag of Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix which I call “All Purpose Flour” is available at Healthway on Hwy 51 in Ridgeland! It is 18.99. The 1lb bag is 6.95 at Kroger. So if you purchased 3 bags at 6.95 you would spend 20.85. You are basically getting a pound for free. He has two bags that I know of available. I find Healthway’s prices to be cheaper than Rainbow and they are willing to order things for you if you ask. So if you are interested please give them a call and let them know. Thier number is (601)856-8394.

  177. I also tried the choclate chip cookie recipe on the back of the 4lb bag. It is truly wonderful. I have been experimenting with all kinds of cookie recipes, most of which came out tasting a far cry from a normal cookie. You truly cannot tell the difference. The cookie monster, Jordan Reeves, my 17 month old was thrilled. He just kept shoveling pieces and saying mmmmm, mmmm, mmm.

  178. Just found the Hamburger Helper at the Wal-mart in Madison. I bought the Asian Chicken Helper. It’s chicken fried rice.

  179. I found that one there too. I have not been able to find the others yet. I cook all my dishes for the week on the weekend attempting to make the workweek easier. I had cooked a couple of my dishes with chicken this weekend so I decided to use ground beef in the “Chicken Fried Rice”. It turned out great and my family loved it. So there is another option.

  180. Leaving in a week for Perdido. I know we can get grilled seafood pretty much anywhere, but has anyone had really good luck with any restaurants in the Perdido/Gulf Shores/ Orange Beach area? Even in Pensacola? All restaurant recommendations appreciated!

  181. I normally make my dumplins for Chicken and Dumplins with regular Bisquick but my daughter has Celiac so i tried it with the gluten free Bisquick, but it does not hold together. I tried a homemade recipe, but it was not too great. Anyone have a great dumplin recipe that i can just use the gluten free flour with

  182. Wow, I was just in Healthway at School St and they had Udi’s Pizza Crusts!

  183. Thank you so much for letting us know. I used the Bob’s Red Mill Pizza Crust Mix Friday night and it took an act of congress to get that bad boy ready. We were past hungry by the time we got it done – Discovered that it is a “Do the night before project!” The worst part of it is waiting of the yeast to rise. If you have 20 minutes to wait on it you are okay. It cooks quickly and tastes alright. I know if Udi’s Pizza Crust are anything like the bread which one I am going to choose. That is good stuff!

    • I found the Udi’s pizza crust at Rainbow about a month ago, but they did not have them last week. My son loved them.

  184. We used to do the Bob’s pizza crust, too. Once I found Udi’s, I never looked back. Rainbow has it at times also. Have also ordered it direct from the company 8 packs at a time. You’ll love it!

  185. Oh, that is great to know also. I will have to order it online. Thank you!

  186. Erica Kelty

    Hi all! We’ve been gluten free for about 9 months and have found many of the suggestions on this blog life saving (or at least dinner-saving:). My 2 year old son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease last fall. I noticed no one on here mentions using almond or coconut flour for baking. The almond flour texture isn’t as fluffy as wheat flour but the taste is fantastic and its a good nutritional alternative. Elana’s Pantry website has lots of baked good recipes that are gluten free. Just be sure NOT to use Bob’s Red Mill brand for the almond flour (I learned that the hard way). I have to order mine online but it is worth the trouble.

  187. Erica you are right on the Bob’s Red Mill. I used their cornbread mix last night and it is awful. It was just a big blob. Just say no to Bob’s. Do not waste your hard earned money! I have two questions. Does anyone have a good gluten free brownie recipe that is not top secret and they would be willing to share and two, does anyone know of a brand that has gluten free cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soups?

  188. Amy, Progresso has a good creamy mushroom soup that is GF but I don’t know about chicken. They have a few other kinds that have Gluten Free on the can.

  189. Great – thank you Edie! I found the Progresso Corn Chowder and read on the back and it was Gluten Free and I used it in a pork roast I did this week but it just was not the same without the cream of mushroom. It had a good flavor, but just was not as pungent.

  190. I need to find a good corn flour/meal for coating catfish for my son. I have to be careful with how much corn I give him as well.
    Does anyone know what the difference would be in the corn flour that’s “lime treated”, as in flours used for making corn tortillas, and just plain corn flour?
    Also, any favorite brands you’d like to share?
    So far I’ve found both by Bob’s Red Mill Gluten free.
    Thanks bunches!

  191. Kelli, I think I would call Healthway or Rainbow and see what they have. I just bought some of the Bobs RedMill but haven’t tried it.

  192. Edie,
    Thanks, I’ll have to check with Healthway.

    I’ve looked in Rainbow and most of what they have is in the bulk section so cross contamination would be an issue there.

  193. Sandy Davis, RD

    There has been a recall on the following:
    DeBoles® Nutritional Foods, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls One Lot Code of DeBoles® Kids Only! Gluten Free Tubettini Corn Pasta Due to the Presence of an Undeclared Allergen, Lot Code 30JUN11D1

    July 21, 2010 – DeBoles Nutritional Foods, Inc. announced that it is recalling one lot code of DeBoles® Kids Only! Gluten Free Tubettini Corn Pasta because it may contain undeclared whole wheat alphabet pasta. People who are allergic to wheat run the risk of an allergic reaction, which may be serious or life-threatening if they consume the recalled product.
    More information on this recall may be found on:

  194. Amy- you asked about a brownie recipe earlier. I made this one from the Incredible Edible Gluten Free Food for kids and it is great!

    Fudge Brownies
    1 cup of butter (how could it not be good:))
    2 squares of balers chocolate
    1 cup of sugar
    2 eggs
    1 teaspoon vanilla
    1/4 cup rice flour
    1/4 cup tapioca flour
    1/4 cup potato starch flour
    1/4 teaspoon xantham gum
    (I did use all the individual flours b/c I had them but I really think you could use 3/4 cup of the pamela’s and it would work out fine. I have done this with other recipes in this book and it wored great)

    1. Melt butter and chocolate in mediam sauce pan. Remove from heat
    2. add sugar, and vanilla. With a spoon beat by hand until combines.
    3. Stir in flours. (YOu can also add nuts or chocolate chips)
    4. SPread into greased 8×8 pan. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.


  195. Thank you so much Stacy! I really appreciate it. I will have to give them a whirl and see if they meet the cookie monster’s approval : )

  196. Hey all, I went to Healthway yesterday to stock up on oatmeal, Udi’s everything, and Pamela’s pancake mix. (Those pancakes are awesome!!) He told me to check out their website and it is pretty cool. Healthwaynutritioncenter.com

  197. Marilyn Brookes

    Much easier and really good are the Betty Crocker GF brownies. The mix is in the grocery store with the other Betty Crocker stuff.
    As for cornmeal, I use plain old grocery store cornmeal, just be sure it is not self-rising.
    I keep my own version of self rising meal in a plastic container so we can have cornbread whenever we want it. Just thoroughly mix 1/4 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 teaspoon soda and 2 teaspoons of baking powder for each cup of plain cornmeal. For a small skillet of cornbread use 1 cup mix, an egg and enough buttermilk to “make it look right” and bake as usual.

  198. Hey Marilyn, I’m trying to think where I heard we couldn’t have plain cornmeal. I wonder if it was at the seminar or maybe it was on another site. I know they said it wasn’t wise to eat grits and I had been eating them. My problem is I don’t have the symptoms so I never know if I’ve been glutened.
    That was a great article in the paper yesterday on Dr Ulmer!

    • Sandy Davis, RD

      Not all cornmeal and grits are gluten-free. Cross-contamination is a very real concern for those with celiac disease. In order to be gluten-free, they must be processed in a dedicated gluten-free facility that does not process any other gluten ingredients (wheat, rye and barley). This also includes the transportation process. It is possible that trace amounts of gluten may be present in transportation vehicles and storage devices.

  199. I just found Gluten Free Bisquick at the Wal-Mart in Hazlehurst.

  200. Marilyn Brookes

    Maybe I have just been very lucky, but I have had no problem with plain cornmeal . I tend to be fairly sensitive to cross contamination, so maybe I have lucked out so far. I just think… what are the chances of a tiny bit of gluten getting in at the processing plant, Now what are the oddds that that very bag will wind up in my grocery store the day I need meal And what are the chances I will pick the bag that is contaminated?
    Oh, I play the horses and buy lottery tickets, too!

  201. Mellow Mushroom now offers a gluten free pizza upon request!

    • Sandy Davis, RD

      I contacted the manager at Mellow Mushroom and they do have cross-contaminations procedures in place. This is great news and gives another dining option for gluten-free pizza.

  202. I must not be getting out enough because I have never heard of Mellow Mushroom. Is it a pizza place and do they have other GF food?? Thanks!

  203. Edie, Mellow Mushroom is a pizza chain and is found in lots of cities, there is one in Flowood on Lakeland Drive in front of Belk at Dogwood. We tried the gluten free pizza yesterday, my daughter loved it.

  204. Thank yall so much!! I will try it this week.

  205. Marilyn Brookes

    I just stumbled onto a new (to me) site that is really good, Try http://www.gfreefoodie.com
    That site has recipes, blogs, and lots on info. There is a feature that lets you give them a recipe and they will de-gluten it for you.

  206. Has anyone tried any of the recipes from the cookbook that was being passed around at the seminar, “Make it fast, cook it slow” I was wondering if it was worth buying for the gluten free recipes. Thanks

  207. Cathy, out of all the GF cookbooks I have that would be my favorite. However, I never use any of them. I guess I just buy them to read on a Sunday afternoon when I don’t have anything to do. The author of the book has a website crockpot365.blogspot.com

  208. Cathy- I don’t have the cookbook, but I use the website a couple of times a week. It really opened up some doors as far as dinner goes. Lots of really good, easy recipes. For me it’s been one of the best resources I have found. I love cooking with my crockpot so it was perfect for me!

  209. Thank you Edie and Stacy. I did check out the website briefly. Am I correct in assuming all of her recipes are always going to be Gluten Free?

  210. They are, but make sure your ingredients are gluten free. For instance she has some that use soy sauce-she usually specifies which brand she uses but make sure yours is gluten free.

  211. Hey all, have yall signed up on http://www.liveglutenfreely.com ??? They send you a newsletter every month with new products and recipes and great ideas for kids going to school. Today they had a recipe for chicken nuggets and it had a very high rating and looks pretty good. Just wanted to share.

  212. Hello all! I am new! I have a 18 month old that was just diagnosed with celiac. We have been on gf diet for almost a month now. I am completely stressed about cross contamination! He is in daycare and i pack all of his meals for him but i know that no one cares like I do. So i worry all day long about contamination! LOL, does the madness stop?!!

    • Erica Kelty

      My son Carter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 9 months ago. He is 2.5 years old. It was definitely overwhelming at first but now it is just part of our routine. Hang in there…it gets easier! I made our whole house gluten free because I would lose my mind trying to prevent cross contamination otherwise. 🙂 My son goes to a mom’s morning out program where they keep an allergen card plastered to his cubby (substitute teachers can’t miss it). The staff there have been really understanding. Carter does have a minor speech delay too and has been in therapy for a few months. You guys are not alone 🙂

  213. Hey Danielle:
    I also have an 18 month old son Jordan has Celiac. At first it is very overwhelming – grocery shopping, concern about cross contamination, finding recipes, etc. I can say it does get easier. It has taken alot of research on my behalf but I am finally at a comfortable place with it. I love to cook so I make majority of his food. Yes, it is time consuming, but it is worth it. We are gluten free as a family. There is no way we could afford to buy food for two different diets. And yes, my grocery bill has gone up significantly. I am currently working on who I can find to obtain coupons from to help with the cost. But, that is where priorities come in and you tweak the budget and make adjustments. Jordan is at a daycare who already had a couple of Celiac kids prior to him. They are very careful not to cross contaminate. Jordan has a seperate place to sit and eat his meals. He is away from the other kids but not so far away that they cannot interact. There are however times when cross contamination is inevitable and it is really out of your control. As parents we just have to do the best we can do and that is all we can do. Just don’t be afraid to ask questions on this blog and please share any information you have. It may be something we already have on blog but it also may be something brand new. I hope we can form a support group soon. I feel it is so important to come together and help each other. There is no reason why we should keep helpful information to ourselves. You are welcome to email me at mareeves@hindscc.edu or call me. I will be glad to share with you what I have found that works and what does not. I spent alot of money on things that do not work so I sure would love to save someone else time and money if at all possible. My cell number is 601-209-7840 and I keep it with me all the time.

    • Amy-
      Thanks so much for writing me back! What area are you located in? I am in Brandon. I really hope a group is formed! That would be great! I have 2 other children who are not celiac. We thought about going gf for entire family but the snacks are so expensive (breads ,cookies, premade items). I just ordered a new cookbook and hope to cook more gf meals that everyone will like. Right now i am making seperate meals for everyone. Did your baby have any other complications/problems? Beckett is speech delayed and is also in OT for sensory processing disorder. He has really started to progress in his problem areas. I am so thankful for others to relate to!!

  214. Marilyn Brookes

    We tried the pizza at Mellow Mushroom yesterday. It was OK, but very expensive. Only comes in one size (12 inch) and the base price is $11.75. Each topping is $1.80. I have a hard time paying a buck 80 for a few bits of olive!
    Actually husband ( doesn’t have to go GF) and I both prefer the ones we make at home on the Udi’s frozen crusts.
    I can see it as a good alternative for teens who want to eat out with their friends, but not as a go-to for a family.

  215. Erica Kelty

    Hi everyone! I’ve stumbled upon multiple good reviews of Better Batter baking mixes on various blogs and was wondering if anyone has tried any of them. I usually use Pamela’s but thought I would give one of these a whirl. Before I spend the money; has anyone used them?

  216. Hi, Everyone, Our church does communion by intinction (dipping the bread in the cup of grape juice). So far we have managed to be at the front of the line with our gluten free wafer or bread. We just found out that we are not the only gluten free people in our church. Does anyone else on here go to Christ United Methodist Church in Jackson? If there are several of us, they might set up a gluten free communion station. I have no doubt that, as time goes on, there will be more gluten free people there. In fact, the preacher said that at his last church, they did have a gf station. I didn’t want them to set up one just for us in case we weren’t there on that day. But, if there are more people that have the problem, then it might be worth it.

  217. Danielle, sorry I haven’t taken the time to wellcome you but we are glad to have you join us! Robbie, I used to go to Christ United but now go to St Matthews in Madison. I usually take a tiny spec off of the bread and make my husband eat the rest. Since I don’t have symtoms I don’t know how much damage it is doing. Why couldn’t they just bless a little piece of Udi’s bread and do a little thing of grape juice?? Has anyone been able to find the Progresso Mushroom soup anywhere?

  218. I can’t find the Progresso Mushroom anywhere either. I used to get it at wal-mart or kroger. I called Progresso and they said they still make it and it showed it should be in those stores, but its not.

  219. Angela and Edie, Walmart in Pearl/Brandon on Hwy 80 had Progresso Creamy Mushroom soup last week.

  220. Thanks Terri! I think I’ll try the Walmart by Northpark Mall first and then head to Brandon. I use that soup a good bit. My husband made us some Chicken Tetrazzini last weekend and it was great.

  221. Does anyone else have a terrible time getting gluten free prescriptions filled? I can handle food, restaurants, and pretty much any situation, but the hassle of getting a prescription filled just about reduces me to tears every time. An hour and a half after I dropped off the prescription, I called back to double check that they were filling it with the gluten free generic. And yes, it is in my child’s file there that his meds must be gluten free. She told me that they didn’t have the generic from the manufacturere that we knew to be gluten free and they could use the other one or order it tomorrow. Then she asked me just WHY I thought it had to be gluten free. Needless to say, I called around town until I could find a safe medicine and retrieved the prescription and took it to get it filled properly. Some variation of this scene seems to happen with every prescription. Does anyone have really good luck with a pharmacy?

    • Robbie,
      I use CVS pharmacy in Richland. I know the pharmacists personally and my niece works there. They know first hand about my son’s disease. They are very helpful and accommodating. Tell them Sharron Bland sent you. Also, my oldest son works in the front of the store. They all know me there.

  222. Marilyn Brookes

    Ridgeland Discount Drugs on Hwy 51 has been great for me. In a truly bad situation you could try Marty’s off Lakeland. That is a compounding pharmacy and they can make what you need. Bring money!

  223. Hey all, yall may have already tried this but I had one today for the first time. It was a Weight Watchers Smart Ones frozen meal and it said Gluten Free right on the box. I had the Cranberry Turkey and it was pretty good. I think there is another GF one. Also have been making a lot of Pamela’s pancakes and putting some in the freezer. Put them in the microwave and they taste great.

  224. My son who is 7 years old has had a really tough year. In and Out of the hospital, upper and lower colonoscopy, diagnosed with Crohns’s Disease, missed 25 days of first grade, swallowed a pill camera in July…..and now labs show concern for Celiac’s Disease. Little overwhelming…..
    Any advice is appreciated!

  225. Marilyn Brookes

    I just recieved the Triumph Dining Cards that I ordered. The information on them seems to be out of date according to the research I have done. Has anyone else looked at these? They list blue cheese, food coloring , all natural and artificial flavoring and modified food starch as prohibited. Any thoughts on this? I would especially appreciate information from a dietician.

    • Sandy Davis, RD

      It may be helpful for you to contact Triumph Dining and let them know your concerns about the out of date information on the cards you purchased.

  226. Danielle Levingston

    Good morning all,

    Have any of you tried the fruit cocktail cups and had problems from it?

    my 20 month old had some yesterday and then has had really bad diarrhea and they are suppossed to be GF.

  227. Stacy,
    I have a son who is 7 (8 in October) and has been diagnosed about a year. Please write me at jettht@comcast.net. I would love to talk to you.

    Tracy Thomas

  228. Danielle Levingston

    Hi All!

    Since it is Celiac Disease Awareness month, please go to this blog and click the link to send a message to your local senators. This is about pending legislature to define exactly what gluten free on the label is. Congress directed this to be done by the FDA in 2008 but it still is not done! It is really easy, i clicked on the link and scrolled down to where it says email in red. I clicked on that and typed in my info and it had a prefilled letter already. then you can send another one directly to the FDA.


  229. Any suggestions on gluten free tortilla chips with no cross contamination issues? My son loves them but I’m having trouble finding any without cross contamination issues.

    • Sandy Davis, RD

      I have a great application on my iPhone from Triumph Dining. It lists Tostitos (100% White Corn Restaurant Style, Bite Size Gold Chips and Rounds, Crispy Round, Natural Blue, Yellow Restaurant Style, Scoops and Light Restaurant Style) as being gluten-free and the company having cross-contamination controls in place. Tortilla chips from Ulz, Food Should Taste Good and Garden Fresh Gourmet are also listed as gluten-free along with having gluten-testing preformed along with being a gluten-free facility or lines.

  230. Marilyn Brookes

    I contacted Triumph dining about the problems with their dining cards and they said they were aware that some of the info is out-dated and/or incorrect. They are in the process of updating them. This doesn’t expalin why they are still selling the old ones. I just lost my money!

  231. Healthway on Hwy 51 is great! I wanted gluten free bread crumbs and they ordered them for me. I need help on gluten free vitamins. I have some of the Flintstones chewable but unsure whether they are gluten free and my child was 44 pounds when diagnosed with Celiac and Acid reflux issues and still not gaining weight. She is actually eating LESS! She wont eat potatoes ,cheese, and drinks very little milk. Need calcium intake ideas and gluten free vitamins.

    • Sandy Davis, RD

      Janet –
      This is very concerning that your child is not gaining weight. I would suggest you contact your child’s GI physician about this and schedule an appointment first. If your child is an established patient with Dr. Ulmer, they will set up a referral to me so I may assist you with your child’s special nutritional needs with celiac disease.

    • We use Kirkman Labs children’s hypoallergenic capsule multivit’s….it’s the first time I’ve EVER been able to get a vitamin in my son’s system.

      DOES NOT CONTAIN: gluten, casein, soy, wheat, artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, gelatin, or yeast.

  232. Sandy,
    Thank you for the tips about the tortilla chips 🙂

  233. Yes Sandy Rachael is a patient of Dr. Ulmers and we saw the Nurse Practicioner a few months ago cause of her stomach pain and they put her on Nexium daily but still has pain sometimes everyday to every other day. She seriously does not eat enough and such a picky eater. They said they would call with an appointment for December to see if she has gained two to three pounds by December and no one ever called about the appoinment or the gluten free vitamins they want her to take. The Nurse said if she didnt gain by December they wanted us to get with you on planning a high calorie diet but my concern is the fact that she is not gaining weight cause she literally will not eat more than just a few bites of her food.

  234. Also Sandy, thh Nurse Practitioner said to try giving her boost for vitamin intake but it hurts her stomach and so does Pediasure.

    • Sandy Davis, RD

      Janet –
      I just spoke with Kristen Carroll who is Dr. Ulmer’s Nurse Practitioner. We are both concerned about the continuing issues your daughter is experiencing. Kristen wants you to call the pediatric office Monday morning as she wants to speak with you directly.

  235. i will call Monday. Thank You

  236. Hey Everyone- I am having a “Celiac Holiday Celebration” at my house next week. Just a chance to share good GF holiday recipes and make some connections. Would love to have anyone and everyone. I live in Madison. If you would like to come let me know and I will send you an invitation and some directions. It will be November 11from 6pm-9pm, come and go. Hope you can come!

  237. Brandy Lucious

    I would love to come. Can I bring my four year old son that has celiac disease.

  238. margaret henderson

    Stacy, I possibly might be able to come. You can contact me at my work number: 601-949-5590. I am a celiac and trying to be gluten free for about three years. Would love to meet others!

  239. Brandy- Of course you can bring your 4 year old- that would be great! Margaret – I will call you. You can both email me your address and I wil send you an invitation. Stacyhuff@bellsouth.net

  240. Danielle Levingston

    I am not sure if any of you know about this or not, but there is a clinic that is having a “Gluten Free Living Class” at P.F. Changs on Nov. 13th. It is $50 for 2 people and lunch is included. I can’t remember the name of the clinic but the number to register is 601-829-4728.

  241. I am checking all of my daughter’s lip gloss, chap stick and toothpaste for gluten. From what i have found, i am still unsure whether strawberry chapstick from carmex is gluten free and crest toothpast didnt give a straight answer. Also unsure about Smackers Lip Sparkler

  242. I’m about ready to pull my hair out!!! My 4 yr. old son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease over the summer. He’s definately been much better on a STRICT gluten free diet in addition to his strict casein-free diet. We are so careful with cross contamination issues that we have separate cookware, cabinet AND dish tub to wash his dishes. But he still goes through periods of tummy issues. I’m wondering if he could have issues with corn maybe? I don’t know…this is sooo frustrating. It would be so much easier if he could communicate 😦
    Anyone have any experience with this or have any ideas??

    • Erica Kelty

      Hi Kelli,

      We have a similar problem with my 2 year old son. Our house is completely gluten free but he stills wakes up occasionally with tummy aches. He has started taking Prevacid on the off chance it is acid reflux and it seems to be helping. From what I understand (because we’ve asked both the GI and an allergist) the only way to isolate other intolerances is just by taking them out of the diet. There is also a company in Texas that I’ve seen mentioned on blogs but I don’t know much about. They are called Enterolab and they are the only one I’ve seen that states they can test for certain intolerances but I do not know anyone who has used them. Hope you can find a solution. It is really frustrating when you can’t figure out how to help your little one.

  243. Thank you, Erica :)…..my son is a little better now. THIS time I think he caught the stomach bug-we had to take him to the E.R. for dehydration. But he’s much better now and his appetite is better. I’m assuming it was a stomach bug. Sometimes it’s really hard to tell the difference with him.
    Thanks again for the info. We plan to take him to an allergist soon.

  244. Cooking question…
    I need to make my son some gfcf biscuits…..any suggestions on a quick mix out there? Tasty recipe? Anyone use GF Bisquick or King Arthur?–like? dislike?

  245. I have used the Bisquick. It is not like regular Bisquick in that you add the shortening, but the biscuits were good. The pkg says to make drop biscuits but I flouresd my hands with a little Bisquick and shaped them. Much more like what we know as biscuits.

  246. Thanks, Marilyn. I can’t wait to try it 🙂

  247. For those of you who have been chafing, as I have, under the no gumbo for life rule: There is relief. Sal and Phil’s (Old Cantom Rd in Jackson) does not use a roux in making their gumbo. It is thickened by cooking down a load of okra. I have eaten it and it is wonderful… and I have had no reaction. Give it a try.

  248. Kari Miller

    The Viking Cooking School in Ridgeland is offering a Gluten-free Gourmet class one day in Jan. & Feb. I have been to one of the other classes they offered and it was wonderful!

  249. Hey all, I was in Choppin Blok at Trace Station in Ridgeland today and they had bags of stuff to make GF chili, red pepper corn chowder and some dips and other stuff. Also what is everybody using for syrup on their pancakes? I called Quaker to see if their cornmeal was GF and of course it was not. So I asked if their Aunt Jemima syrup was GF and they said no because they did not know where all the ingredients came from. I am so hungry for pancakes!

  250. Edie,
    Have you thought about using pure maple syrup or honey?

  251. …just wanted to share with everyone that I accomplished making my mom’s cornbread dressing, gluten and casein free with no chance of cross contam.!!! And it tasted YUMMY!!!

  252. Thank you Edie for sharing about the Chopin Blok. The easier the better with a fast-paced lifestyle!

  253. Anyone know where to find GF powdered soup base (chicken or vegetable)?

  254. Thanks Kelli for suggesting the maple syrup. I saw some in WalMart so will probably go back and get it. How did you make your cornbread dressing? I was in Healthway today to get Udi’s bread and they were out so John told me they had the Schar bread now and he said people were liking it better than Udi’s. Anybody tried it? Also, Bill, if you can find someone around here that sells Watkins they have chicken and beef soup base.

  255. I bought the Schar bread yesterday but we haven’t tried it yet. I am going to make grilled cheeses after church tonight so I’ll let you know. There is a brand of syrup at Walmart labeled Gluten free but I can not find the name. My Gluten Free App says that Eggo syrup is GF.

    I made a good cornbread out of the Incredible Edible Gluten Free Food for Kids Cookbook.

    Child #2 was diagnosed last week so we are adjusting to that!

  256. Does Healthway have Dr Schar crackers? They are very similar to plain white crackers.

  257. Marilyn I didn’t notice the crackers but I for sure do not like their bread!! Yuk!!! It doesn’t compare to Udi’s. The only plain crackers I’ve tried is the Glutino at WalMart and I love those. Stacy, I looked at the Eggo syrup at Kroger but I didn’t see GF on it. I went on and got the pure maple and just hope it was GF. Also bought some WalMart party peanuts the other day and while I was eating them my husband noticed it contained wheat. Peanuts!!!

  258. Okay, it’s Edie again!!!!! And I’m sure I’m telling yall something you already know. I have been buying the Pacific brand chicken broth and I just noticed they have the Creamy Southwestern Corn and the Creamy Tomato Soup. I bought the tomato and heated a cup with a tiny bit of milk and a few drops of worchestershire sauce and it was really good. Also discovered the Mission yellow corn tortillas (extra thin) and heated it with some mozzarella cheese. It was all very tasty. Just thought I’d share.

  259. Ok, here’s a question for everyone….my 4 yr old son was diagnosed with celiac d. this summer. I’m getting ready to go in to see my primary care phys. for a follow up to some of my own issues…haven’t seen this dr. since before my son’s diagnosis. I’m told that it’s not a bad idea for immediate family members to bring up the c.d. diagnosis to their own doctors…..how should I approach this with my dr.? Is there a test that I should ask for? My appointment is this Thursday. Thanks,

  260. One of our pastors just called. Our church is going to have a gluten-free communion station! Christ United Methodist on Old Canton Road. All are welcome! For more information, contact Vicky Landrum at CUMC.

  261. A new cookbook to recommend. The Cake Doctor bakes Gluten Free. May not be exact title, but close. We have had 2 cakes out of here and they are delicious. Can’t wait to try more. There are everything from wedding cakes to birthday cakes to cookies. They had several at Borders in Flowood.

    • Thank you Robbie. I have a question. Have we ever formed a Celiac Support Group? If we have I have not heard anything. I think it is more than high time that we did. I would offer to lead it but I am overseeing Mended Little Hearts of MS. I would however like to be a part of a group.

  262. We tried put we could never get it together I would love to be part of the group

  263. I too would like to be part of a group but have alot on my plate right now. I’m wondering if they will have another seminar this year for celiac folks. It was very interesting. Also there is a new site called http://www.ceceliasmarketplace.com and you can sign up for a free daily e-mail and they will tell you about a GF product you can usually find at the grocery. If you click on product of the day it will give you an option, just be sure it is free.

  264. I have a suggestion. As I have said, there is no way I could lead a group. I am giving 150% to Mended Little Hearts of Mississippi right now so we can get it moving. But, I do think we could meet maybe one Saturday moring for example for those of us who are interested at a restaurant (that is gluten free of course or has gluten free options) sit down, meet, share and go from there. We don’t have to make it difficult. It can be as simple as that. When I meet someone with Celiac I always find more information that helps my family and in turn they usually find out something that will help thiers. Does that interest anyone. If so, email me at mareeves@hindscc.edu and we will discuss a meeting place, location and time.

  265. Amy, that sounds like a good idea. Do you have any suggestions as to time and place? Previous gatherings sounded like playgroups for Celiac kids, which is good, but I am 66 years old and that does not apply to me.

    Perhaps if we can get a group together we can move forward on setting up a support group.

  266. I was thinking of this as an adult event. I want us to be able to sit down and share. We have several gluten free restaurants in the area to choose from. I think the Mellow Mushroom would be fun.

  267. It is definitely worth getting a second opinion on the diagnosis of Celiac. My child has been on a gluten free diet for 9 months after being diagnosed and was not getting any better so we went to another Doctor and found she does not have Celiac and has been back on gluten and actually has IBS. She is much better and starting to gain weight.

  268. Amy, that sounds good. Name a day and I will be there. Are we talking about lunch? I think that would be better than dinner.

  269. Janet,

    It is important for you to realize that BY DEFINITION, IBS is NOT a valid reason for a person/child to have significant issues with weight gain. It is a “garbage pail term” that means that “there is nothing wrong with your child’s tissues; his/her gut just misbehaves” and therefore, the child will not suffer from any significant physical consequences. The danger in the IBS diagnosis is that it is usually given in the absence of valid, thoughtful evaluations. Also, once a child or person is given the diagnosis of IBS, it tends to become the “go-to” reason that the child suffers needlessly and future physicians are slow to further evaluate.

    For patients who have been given the recommendation to live gluten free, they either have positive definitive evaluations OR results from the diet or both. And of course, the most compelling reason to maintain a gluten free lifestyle if indicated by your physician is to prevent longterm consequences such as lymphoma (cancer) of the small bowel, bone demineralization, and stunted growth.

    A few things to consider:
    1. Some patients are slower to respond to a gluten free diet than others; perhaps this is why your child continued to have difficulty.
    2. Some patients are exquisitely sensitive to gluten. What this means is that if you have not been 100% (or as close to that as possible) gluten free, your child might remain symptomatic. Accidental gluten exposure is common.
    3. Some patients gain weight slower than they should because they do not “like” the gluten free foods available to them and therefore eat less. This might explain your child’s weight gain. This gain will likely prove temporary, however.
    4. A gluten free diet does not CAUSE averse symptoms. So, if your child suffered from abdominal pain (for example) prior to starting the diet, the diet would not worsen it and it does not make sense that being off of the diet would make her “much better”.

    If a new physician has downgraded your child’s diagnosis to “IBS”, be certain that the necessary evaluations have been performed. This would include repeat bloodwork and egd evaluation. However, the child must remain on gluten for typically several months prior to the repeat testing in order for it to be accurate. If this has not been done, PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Also, find his/her experience and how many children your new physician actually cares for WITH Celiac.

  270. Great response Dr. Ulmer and so very true. I have read over and over on how people were diagnosed with IBS as a cop out by a general instead of referring and getting a definitive diagnosis. It does take patience and time. For example with Jordan. We started seeing improvement with Jordan over time. What has to be considered is the damage that has been done over the period of time prior to the Celiac diagnosis. Your body has to have time to repair itself. Now with Jordan we had to have the Nissen Fundoplication but that was due to the damage of his chronic reflux. But the gluten free diet changed his life. I myself was recently diagnosed with mast cell colitis. I have gone gluten free by my own choice and I feel so much better.

  271. Just wanted y’all to know that Viking cooking school in Ridgeland is having a gluten free cooking class this Thursday from 9-12. You can get info on their website.

  272. Kari Miller

    We are planning a lunch on Saturday, Feb. 5 at 11:00 at Biaggi’s in Ridgeland. This will be a wonderful opportunity for those with Celiac to come together and share your stories and offer your insight. I have had Celiac my whole life and still find it extremely helpful to meet others and learn new things. Biaggi’s has a very extensive GF menu and is always good. Please email me at kari.n.miller@comcast.net to let me know if you will be able to make it so I can make a reservation. Hope to meet many of you there.

  273. Just wanted to let you know we have tried the carrot cake and the gingerbread cookies in the cookbook, The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Glutenfree. They were both WONDERFUL. The cake was moist and no grainy texture at all. We can’t wait to try more of the recipes. It’s dfinitely worth getting.

  274. Dear All,

    We are presently in the planning stages for this year’s celiac conference. Due to prior recommendations, our plans are to have it at the new Mississippi Children’s Museum. This will allow us to accomodate more participants and also provide a fun atmosphere for families. The dates and further details are forthcoming. We would like to have your input, however as the planning is underway. We are toying with a different format and are also working to get higher vendor participation. We are also working hand in hand with Expert Gluten-Free Consulting, LLC to help make it a success. Any ideas will be appreciated so please email ideas to expertglutenfreeconsulting@gmail.com.

  275. Dear All,

    I recently spoke with a representative from Viking Cooking School in Ridgeland about developing menus for gluten-free cooking classes that are practical and affordable for our families. After development of the curriculum and menu, we will be working with them to hold classes as often as once to twice per week dependant upon participation and interest. We need your help to give us your ideas about how to make the class worthwhile. Example: Quick weekday gluten-free meals; Gluten-free breads and pastas; Gluten-free treats; Gluten-free lunches, Gluten-free cooking with kids, etc.

    Please post your ideas for the classes and also let me know how interested you would be in having us work with Viking to develop these options.

    • Our family needs some new dinner ideas that don’t take too long to prepare. We are tired of the same meals over and over, but don’t have time to really come up with something new. I also need some ideas about something to go in a lunchbox that can be heated in a microwave for school lunch. Again, he is tired of eating the same things over and over. The time I had checked about going to one of the classes, it was during the day, which is really hard for a working mother to attend. I’m not interested in fancy dishes with wine pairings that take a long time to make. I don’t want to impress anyone with these meals. I just want something that my child will eat and enjoy that doesn’t cost a fortune to make. Thanks for working on this for us.

    • I would love to participate in a class for quick meals and one for cooking with kids.

  276. Sandy Davis, RD

    Please be aware there has been a nationwide recall on two Ian GF products. Please see the following link for more information:

  277. Looking forward to the celiac conference again this year. Hope Dr Ulmer has more time to talk and answer questions this year. Maybe there could be a short questionaire and everybody could put their favorite GF food and maybe their biggest problem or some experience they have had. I bought the Heartland GF Spaghetti at Walmart and cooked it tonight and it is wonderful!! Better than any other I’ve tried and not expensive.

  278. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you Dr. Ulmer and Sandy.
    I really do appriciate both of you and your continuing efforts to help and keep us informed. Love the idea of the new format for the conference this year. I only wish we lived closer so I could attend the cooking school, Hattiesburg is just a little to far for that. Thanks again for all you do.

  279. Sandy Davis, RD

    I want to share some very troubling misinformation with everyone. One of my adult patients with celiac disease told me Healthway Nutrition Center in Ridgeland is touting and trying to sell some potion which cures celiac disease. Healthway tried to sell her a product along with a special diet which goes along with it to cure her of celiac disease. This is very upsetting to me as a professional as I have recommended Healthway for special gluten free products. I will no longer recommend this store to any of our patients. Please do not be fooled into buying any product which promotes curing celiac disease or any diet. Currently, the only treatment for celiac disease is a life-long adherence to a gluten-free diet.

  280. Thank you for letting us know Sandy. That is disturbing. I would never want to see someone, especially a parent with a small child with Celiac much less an adult, fall for this. We are fortunate that Kroger is so good about carrying products we request. I have found all you have to do is ask. I have not been to healthway in a while for this reason but now have another reason not to shop there. That seals the deal. I can say that Rainbow also has a great variety as well and they are very helpful. They seem to have people that specialize in certain areas and are really good about answering your questions.

  281. Kari Miller

    This is just a reminder that this Saturday, Feb. 5 at 11:00, we will be meeting at Biaggi’s for lunch. This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet others with Celiac and to share information with the group. Please bring any helpful information that you have found or maybe your favorite GF cookbook to share. If you are interested in coming but have not yet notified me, please email me at kari.n.miller@comcast.net. Thanks!

  282. For our medical advisors on here….What do you think of the products that are coming out that are supposed to be nutritional supplements specifically for people with celiac? There is a product called Celiact and another that is called Gluten and soy free Bio 35. Are they really better nutritionally than any other product?

  283. lylasmomoctober2008

    I am a mother of a two year old little girl. My daughter recently had pneumonia and revived 3 Rochphin shots and then was given an oral antibiotic to take called Cefprozil. I believe that the oral antibiotic contained gluten and she seemed to have some sort of reaction. She only took the antibiotic twice a day for 3 days. I had asked the Dr. to make sure that the medication was safe for Celiac patients and she said okay, but I do not think that she looked it up. Lyla quit having a bowel movement and after stopping the medicine she has had diarrhea for 5 days and threw up last night. Is this what we can expect from now on when she gets gluten?? I called my pharmacy, Kroger, and they said they are not able to tell how the drugs are made!? Is there a pharmacy that can give me this information? I am also having a hard time finding a pediatrician that will take Ciliac disease seriously. They all just look at me like I am crazy or say that she has a virus and to let it run it coarse!!! HELP please!

    • Chelye Amis

      You should see Dr. Mandy Penny at Children’s Medical Group in Jackson. She is the first doctor to take my daughter’s stomach aches seriously. She is the one who told us about Celiac. My daughter loves her, she is sweet and a wonderful doctor.

    • We see Dr. Gordon Meador at the Children’s Clinic. He has been great about looking up meds for us and definitely takes Celiac seriously. He is the one who referred us to Dr. Ulmer to begin with. We also have a huge problem getting prescriptions filled. Dr. Meador will prescribe something gluten free and then the pharmacy only has a generic and the one they have might not be gluten free or they can’t tell if it is. I try to always have a phone with me that has internet access. glutenfreedrugs.com will help with some of that. There is a long list and many of them will tell if certain manufacturers make the drug in gluten free form. I have found that my son is more sensitive to gluten now that he doesn’t eat it anymore. He doesn’t always realize that is what is going on, but I can tell when the headache and fatigue start setting in if he is accidentally glutened. He gets those first followed by the gastric symptoms. It can be something like a restaurant frying their french fries in the same oil as their onion rings (which they said they didn’t, but you can taste onion in the fries) or a steak seasoning that shouldn’t have been on there that can trigger the onset of his symptoms. You can ask all the right questions and give all the right instructions, but sometimes it happens anyway, I’m sorry to say. Good luck with everything.

  284. Just wanted to let everyone know Hey Cupcake at Canton Mart in Jackson will make gluten-free cupcakes by special order. I had the strawberry today and they were WONDERFUL!!!!

  285. Concerning the comment on Healthway in Ridgeland:
    Has anyone checked with them about the reported reccommendations? I shop there frequently and have never heard that medication mentioned. Could the person have misunderstood? I would hate to see the store condemned on one uninvestigated report.

  286. HELP!! My 2 year old celiac loves fruit snacks and fruit roll ups. EVERYTIME he eats them he gets awful diarrhea. We have tested them numerous times to make sure that is what is causing it and have narrowed it down. These are all items labeled gluten free. Does anyone else have this problem or know what could be causing it?

  287. Kari Miller

    The Kroger in Madison at Colony Crossing carries Udi’s products. They have the white and multi-grain sandwich breads, blueberry muffins, chocolate muffins and a variety of cookies. They are not located in the health-food aisles. They are actually on a small stand-alone shelf across from the bread. I’m not sure if they have carried them for long but this was the first time that I have seen them.

  288. Rainbow now carries Rudi’s gluten-free bread and it is great!! Best gluten-free bread I have tried, even better than Udi’s!

  289. We love Ian’s Fishsticks if you cook them in a toaster oven. When we cooked them in the regular oven they were gooey, but in the toaster oven they were crunchy and my daughter thought I’d made a mistake and bought the regular fishsticks. They tasted so good, she asked me to double check the box before she continued to eat them!!! They sell them at the Kroger on I-55 in Jackson.

  290. Cathy Hepburn

    I thought some of you might be interested in a gluten free “gourmet” cooking class that Viking Cooking School is having on Thursday, April 28, from 9 to noon. If you go on their website you can see what will be covered and what they will be cooking. It will also show how many places are left in the class.

  291. Hi all, I’m new to this blogging thing as well the the celeac issue. My son is 11 and he has just been diagniosed. This has been quite an adjustment but as each day goes by, it seems to get a little bit easier. Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know that the Kroger in Brandon also had Udi’s white bread and the manager is in the process of gettin the other products. I live in Rankin county so this is great for me, since I really dislike driving to Rainbow store for a loaf of Udi’s bread.

  292. YAY! I’m so glad to hear that Kroger in Brandon will be carrying Udi’s! That’s much closer to us too. We usually buy it by the case…I wonder if Kroger will give us a discount for that..
    Thanks for letting us know.
    Also, for those living in Vicksburg, I’m told that the grocery store that used to be Delchamps (on frontage rd) is now carrying Udi’s.

  293. Not sure aboutbuying it by the case. I’m sure you could speak to the manager and maybe work something out. I think they ordered everything but the pizza dough. Do you know if the hamburger buns have came out yet? I’m excited about those cuz my son loves hamburgers.

  294. A friend told me that Gigi’s had gluten free cupcakes, so I went by there. They told me that it was only if there was a special order and they had some left. If you ‘like’ them on facebook, they will post the daily specials and put in there if they have any gluten free cupcakes. But you can order batches of them which is great.

    • Sandy Davis, RD

      I would not recommend Gigi’s for gluten free cupcakes. They are prepared in the same kitchen and there are not controls in place to prevent cross-contamination. The following is from the Gigi website:
      Gigi Cupcake Allergy Information
      “Despite the fact that we bake and offer cupcakes without gluten and/or nuts, all of our cupcakes are prepared fresh in the same kitchen, allowing for the potential of cross-contamination. Our baking equipment comes in contact with peanuts, other nuts, nut oils and extracts, as well as products containing gluten. Therefore, our cupcakes cannot be certified as a nut-free or gluten-free product.”

  295. Good Morning:
    Out of curiosity I wanted to see if this blog could be grouped into topics? The reason I ask is that many questions are asked over and over. I honestly feel like we go in circles. I have not blogged in a long time because I have just grown weary of it. I mean no disrespect to anyone involved in managing the blog. I am thankful that it is available.

  296. That is a great idea, Amy. Something along the line of the forums at Celiac.com or Roadfood.com would be great. I am computer semi-illiterate, so I don’t know how difficult that would be, but it would make the site much more user friendly.

  297. Yes. Especially to new comers. I know how overwhelmed I was when we first received the Celiac diagnosis. My first entry was like the majority of bloggers first entries: “My son was recently diagnosed with Celiac” and looking for insight instead of being able to review by topic. That would have saved me a ton of legwork and anxiety.

  298. Sounds like a great idea to me. I too am semi-illiterate on the computer so I wouldn’t be much help setting it up. I know what sections I like to read on the celiac forums and go right to them. Marilyn, what do you go to on the Roadfood.com site? I had never heard of that. We need to plan another get-together! A friend of mine in Madison just found out she had celiac and she said she would love to get together with some of us.

    • Sandy Davis, RD

      We really do appreciate all of your comments about the organization (or really lack of) on our blog. We are working on creating a forum which easier to navigate. Stay tuned….Thanks! 🙂

  299. That sounds great Edie. I would love to get together soon. I think it would be great if we could get someone like Sandy to come talk to our group about updates in the gluten free world.

    • Sandy Davis, RD

      We are planning on having our annual celiac conference this summer. The date of the event is forthcoming. I plan on speaking about updates in the gluten free world. Stay tuned……. 🙂

  300. Just curious if I missed any info about celiac conference usually held in June. Also, the place where I get my flour and most baking recipes, http://www.julesglutenfree.com, helped to make the worlds largest gluten free cake. It was presented to Congress to help the cause and awarness of better and needed labeling laws. Hopefully this has brought the needed attention to labeling issues. Jules flour and bread is great, expensive yes, but she has special all the time. Hope you enjoy the info.

  301. I have not received any info on the conference to date.

  302. That is good news. Thanks Sandy!

  303. Thank you so much Sandy. We do appreciate you all! I am curious about something that I have not seen posted on the site – at least to my knowledge. I have friends that have gone coupon crazy which is not a terrible addiction to have as long as they don’t become hoarders. However, they post their savings and the items they saved money to my facebook. I look at these items and all I see are things that gluten intolerent or Celiac people cannot have. So my question is this….. Does anyone know where we can find some good coupons so we can rack up on savings? The only coupons I ever recieve are from Udi’s. If you have any suggestions that could help others lets all come together and post them. It is no secret that gluten free foods are expensive. I purchased gluten free snack foods for my son last night and spent 150.00 with little to show for it. I want to be one of those people that rejoices in savings at the register just like the non-celiac!!!! So if you have got this all figured out don’t keep it to yourself. Share with others and help. Be a blessing!

    • Sandy Davis, RD

      You are right about how expensive gluten free can be! I encourage foods which are naturally gluten-free for budget-friendly shopping such as seasonal fruits, vegetables and dried beans. General Mills has stepped up to the plate and offers great tasting gluten-free products. The big plus is you don’t have to go shopping in the organic section to find them. General Mills also has a great website – http://www.liveglutenfreely.com. They offer a section which features coupons under “Tools and Coupons”. You may also locate coupons by doing a Google search with “Gluten + coupons”. I came up with 2,990,000 results. Hope this helps!

  304. Thank you. I agree on the naturally gluten free. I try to do that but I have a very fast paced schedule and I do what I can. I love to cook but it has to be quick. I will check this out and see what I can find. I am a firm believer in why create the wheel when someone else has probably already done so!

  305. I found a new place to eat out. Try Eslava’s on Lakeland about half a block east of Treetop Blvd. The owner/chef is well informed on gluten free and will fix you safe food. I had grilled red snapper, potatoes fried in safe oil and sauteed squash with a salad. All for about $9.

    He said he also makes special dinners for diabetics. Give them a try.

  306. Hey Marilyn! Thanks for the tip! Do you happen to have our email addresses for those of us who met that day at Biaggi’s? I have twice in the past 6 months and cannot find the info. If you could email them to me at mareeves@hindscc.edu that would be great. I would love for us to get together again soon.

  307. ooooooooooooh yum!!!! I just finished a piece of cinnamon/raisin toast with my coffee. Healthway now has Udi’s raisin toast and hot dog and hamburger buns.

  308. One thing my family really missed after going gluten-free was very thin angle-hair pasta. I found Annie Chun gluten free rice noodles at Kroger. They had some that looked almost thread-like. I am now substituting those for angel-hair pasta in my spaghetti. You can actually put them right into your sauce without cooking and let them absorb the moisture from the sauce and soften. They are a little messy to break apart, but well worth it to my family.

  309. Thank you for sharing! I cooked spaghetti last night and was wishing for some real angel hair! Is this in the specialty section of Kroger or in with the regular pasta section?

  310. It was in the specialty section at the Dogwood Kroger.

  311. Thank you!

  312. Does anybody else feel lost on the updated blog? Maybe it’s just me.

  313. Robby Channell

    Hey Edie, we are trying to figure out the best way to improve this blog or create something else.

  314. A little confused on where I’m supposed to post this question so I’ll just post it here for now…has anyone here experienced any issues while eating from the gf menu at Mellow Mushroom? I’m never sure if my son is having problems from gf cross contamination or an issue with another food. He is also casein free. He has had a small tummy issue the last 3 times we ate at Mellow Mushroom. He always eats the plain hummus and some gf pizza with a small amount of red sauce and bacon on it…no cheese of course. Any thoughts?

  315. We have only had their gluten free pizza, but have never had any problems with it.

  316. My son has eaten the GF crust at Mellow Mushroom several times over the last year and he has never had any issues with it. He doesn’t eat the Hummus though, didnt know that was GF.

  317. Supposedly, the hummus is gf but i’m starting to get suspicious of it now…that seems to be the one thing he eats there that other fellow gf peeps don’t. I’ll see what I can find out. For now, we just won’t have the hummus. Thanks for your responses..I’ll let you know what I find out.

  318. Pingback: Tomorrow Morning by Anne Parrish

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