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Terms and Conditions of Use

 By posting any comments, responses, or other item, regardless of the form or manner in which those posts may be expressed, you authorize Mississippi Baptist Health Systems, Inc. (“Baptist”) to use, edit, revise, reproduce, distribute, publish, adapt or modify your submission in any form, for any purpose, and in any media, and in perpetuity. 


You, the user, also agree to the following terms:

1.                  This website is intended to be a forum for sharing and is not intended to be a forum for participants to engage in marketing or any type of self-promotion, or for participant-posted advertising of any type whatsoever.  Therefore, you will not post any material that promotes or advertises any particular business, organization (whether or not for profit), person, event or service or that might reasonably be considered “marketing” or “advertising” in nature. You will not post any pyramid or other business schemes, chain letters, or post the same information repeatedly, thus “spamming” the website.  You will not post any information that is or could be regarded as spam.

2.                  The purpose of this website is to serve as a discussion forum appropriate for people of all ages, including children; it is not meant to be hostile, degrading, insulting, or embarrassing.  Therefore, you will not post material that is inflammatory, obscene, profane, invades someone else’s privacy, abusive, hateful, insulting, slanderous, harassing, disruptive, or in any way offensive to anyone, as Baptist may determine in its sole discretion. You will not post material that infringes on anyone’s legal rights, of whatever description, whether such rights arise under the copyright, patent, or trademark laws of the USA, the common or statutory laws of the State of Mississippi or the state in which you are located, or any federal laws of the USA that may apply either to this website, to your posting, to you, or to the content of your post. 

3.                  You agree that you will not impersonate anyone when posting to this website, and you agree that you will maintain your personal login as yours alone and will not share it with others or allow others to use it to post or view comments.

4.                  This website is a discussion forum, with participants from a worldwide community.  Even when Baptist’s posts and articles are posted by physicians, these posts are not and are not intended to be medical advice and do not establish a physician-patient relationship.  You agree that Baptist, the posting physicians, and the participants on this website are not giving medical advice and that if you need medical advice, you will consult your personal physician and not rely on any information gathered from this website or from the other participant posts.

5.                  From time to time, Baptist, as the sponsor of this blog, may post links to websites inside and outside of the Baptist organization and also may use this site to advertise events and services that may be of interest to you and the other participants of this site.  You agree that Baptist, by posting those links and advertising these events, is not endorsing or recommending any particular site, event, business or person.  You acknowledge that Baptist may have a financial interest in one or more of the advertised websites, events and services and that Baptist is not required to disclose this information on an ongoing basis in connection with each advertisement.

6.                  In the event of any claim brought by a third party against Baptist that arises out of or relates to your use of this website, including, without limitation, any posting you make, you agree that you will indemnify and hold Baptist harmless against any and all claims, losses, costs and expenses (including all reasonable attorneys fees and expenses), liabilities, judgments and damages (including, without limitation, punitive damages) that Baptist may incur in connection with such claim.

7.                  You agree that any and all decisions made by Baptist with respect to the editing or removal of any posts are made within Baptist’s sole discretion and that Baptist is not required to give you a reason for the modification or removal or inform you of the modification or removal.

8.                  You agree that Baptist may amend these terms and conditions of use at any time and that you will be bound by the terms and conditions posted on this website at the time of your post and not by any earlier version(s).


If Baptist determines that you are in violation of any of these terms and conditions of use, or if you are not complying with the spirit and nature of this website, Baptist reserves the right to take any or all of the following actions, in any order and at any time, as Baptist may decide, in its sole discretion:


1.                  Baptist may remove all or part of your post or may modify it in order to make the post comply with these terms and conditions and otherwise acceptable and appropriate to Baptist, as Baptist may determine in its sole discretion. 

2.                  Baptist may suspend your use of the comment/blog feature of this website.

3.                  Baptist may permanently block you from using the comment/blog features of this website, from this website, and from any and all websites and blogs controlled by Baptist.

 This authorization is irrevocable. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not post to this website.